Find Francis Klein Eyewear in New Orleans, LA

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With so many high-end fashion designers creating striking looks and quality products these days, it can be hard to keep track of the latest names in fashion design. But there’s one designer who has been making waves in sunglass trends for years—Francis Klein. Known for their unique shapes and jeweled frames, Francis Klein eyewear has been a favorite among many fashion-forward glasses-wearers. Learn a little bit more about the Francis Klein eyewear brand, and then stop by Art & Eyes, a fashion boutique that specializes in eyewear in New Orleans, LA, to find a pair that you love. About the... View Article

Top Nine Performances by Sunglasses in Film and TV

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Hollywood is full of talented performers who are known for their trademark roles and iconic performances, but sometimes, the real stars are the quintessential looks that define movies and television. When a memorable role is combined with a memorable look, it is almost certain to be unforgettable. Over the years, many iconic Hollywood characters have worn sunglasses as part of their signature styles. From your source for perfect custom eyeglass frames in New Orleans, LA, here are some of the most memorable performances done in sunglasses in film and TV: Top Gun: The Ray-Bans that we see Tom Cruise sporting in... View Article

Cat Eye Glasses: From Classic Divas to Modern Mavens

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There are countless styles of eyewear in New Orleans, LA, and it can be overwhelming trying to keep up with them all! Don’t worry, Art & Eyes is all over it so you don’t have to be, and when you come in, we’ll help you decide on just the right style. One design we’ve had our eye on this season is actually a classic: cat eye glasses. You’ve heard the term before, but how much do you actually know about cat eye specs? Read on to learn more! Cat eye glasses have a storied history We’re all used to hearing... View Article

Our Favorite Makers of Designer Eyeglasses in New Orleans, LA

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Every outfit needs the perfect pair of glasses to complement it, and that’s why Art & Eyes is always on the lookout for the season’s hottest eyewear trends. No two people are alike, so why should they have to wear the same style of specs? It’s important for every person to have a range of options that appeal to their personality and style, so we’ve picked our top five favorite eyewear designers to get you started on the fantastic adventure that is finding that next incredible pair of designer eyeglasses in New Orleans, LA. Check out our list, and then... View Article