Custom Eyeglass Frames in New Orleans, LA

Art & Eyes is your local area destination for a huge selection of replacement lenses and eyeglass frames in New Orleans, LA. Unlike other retailers that carry the same styles from the same brands, we’ve branched out to cultivate a selection that’s vivid, appealing and unique!

With extraordinarly cool eyeglass frames in New Orleans, Gretna, and Metairie, LA ranging from $64 to $880, and brands like eyebobs and Francis Klein, we aspire to offer every customer accessible chic. Some of the many designer frame options we have in stock include:


    The ultimate in jewelry for your eyes. Handmade in Sweden.
  • Vava

    Geometric, but beautifully curving. These are some of the sexiest frames I’ve seen in a while. By the way these frames are sustainable and always advancing in technological methods. Designed in Portugal, and made in Italy.

    Wooden glasses, made individually for us from Madrid, Spain. These beautiful frames have a resin or metal coating and have titanium temples. Super comfortable and sustainable.
  • DITA

    Stunning and architecturally magnificent with its blending of gold and pewter silver riveted into slate, gray and black trim. They are collected by some of the most famous people you’ll ever meet… or not.
  • Anne Et Valentin

    Custom Eyeglass FramesBeautiful, elegant, colorful eyewear that’s handmade in France! Stylist and timeless—great for any style preference.
  • Theo

    THEOA party in a pair of frames! Recycled acetate, designed by a opera singer.
  • Barton Perreira

    BARTON PERREIRAWhen Oliver Peoples was bought by Luxottica, it’s former head designer and one of OP’s founders got together and decided to make a really excellent product again… surpassing previous brand. The result is made in Japan and exquisitely styled.
  • JF Rey

    JF REYIf you want fun patterns and mixed materials, this guy makes it all work as only the French can.  JF Rey, Boz, and Volte Face.
  • Francis Klein

    Francis KleinIn our opinion, the king of jeweled and sparkly frames.  They all copy this guy…  And, we are the 2nd largest FK dealer in the world!  The first being Francis Klein in Paris, of course!
  • Morgenthal Frederics

    Morgenthal FredericsThese eyeglass frames feature a classic style, with an elegant snazzy twist. They’re a practical fashion accessory that will help you stand out while blending in!

    MYKITAHandmade and designed in Berlin Germany, under one roof. Famous for their “no screws” hinge and ultra featherweight feel. Minimalist design paired with classic frame styling makes these custom eyeglass frames perfect for anyone! They also a lightweight option for casual wearers.

    YELLOW PLUSOur new favorite classic line. Hand made in Japan with amazing details. The best cotton based acetate with titanium trim.

    KUBORAUMDreamed in Germany, made in Italy. These guys push the envelope of the cool avant-garde.
  • Essedue

    ESSEDUEOooow la laaa frames hand made in Italy.  Lush and pretty. Fun, shapely frames off an old-school look with modern materials. These glasses are complementary to numerous face shapes.
  • Vue DC

    Vue DCThick eyeglass frames and distinct shapes give this brand an instantly recognizable quality. Cat-eye and horned options make them a fun, playful accessory.

    GastonHandmade in France, this husband and wife team make squares and circles into magical shapes for your face! Simple and very clever.
  • Matsuda

    MATSUDAThese folks push the envelope on cutting edge intricate design, with a throwback to history.

    JACQUES MARIE MAGEHe’s from France. Lives and designs for those in Hollywood. Made in Japan. That dishy pair of frames you seen on some celeb, probably, JMM’s.

    oniricoThe name translates to “dreamlike”! Most people put 2 patterns together and it’s disaster, this stuff is genius. Italian.

    PLEIN LES MIRETTESHand made in Normandy, France. Two gay men making the prettiest and most fun eyewear going! Of course!

    HENAUBelgian designer Marc Delagrange, a modern art and art aficionado, creates these haute couture beauties. “A trendy look that oozes timelessness.

    PIERRO MASSAROFrom Venice. Think Murano glass and you can see the influence in these limited edition stunning pieces.

    Colorful, fun and different from what we already know, because we are all different from each other! These glasses are a communication tool, each one an art project, each one created by the amazing Carla Sfeir, in Marseilles, France. She works her amazing magic into the double function of seeing good and looking better.

    Lovingly, handcrafted in Brazil, these frames are unbelievably lush and almost juicy. Like the fullness, and the sexiness of the Brazilian people, stunning landscapes, and the divine music.
  • FACTORY 900

    Hand made in Japan, acetate and titanium blended in some of the most amazing organic shapes and colorations you will ever see. From classic to outlandish!

    A French optician and a French Olympian created the legendary VUARNET sunglasses in the 60s. This timeless iconic sports glass cannot be beat.

    Beautiful, titanium glasses, and terrific colors hand made in Italy. Lightweight and strong.

    Handmade in the mountains of Italy, this is a modern laboratory reinventing eyewear inspired by a pair of old military goggles. Very cool.

    Beautifully made, in scrumptious colors with classic styling for men and women.
  • Etnia Barcelona

    ETNIA BARCELONAMade in Spain. Always a fun and creative mix of patterns and colors in these very affordable frames. Defined by colorful patterns and intriguing contrast, these frames make a statement about your fashionable appeal and fun style!

    MOSCOTClassic, nicely priced frames from this well respected, over 100 year old, NYC Institution!
  • Hoffmann Natural Eyewear

    HOFFMANThe best handmade natural horn and exotic woods.  Lightweight, perfect for folks with metal and plastic allergies, “lifetime eyewear”.  Did I mention that they are GORGEOUS….  Handcrafted in Germany.

    SPEXWAXTotally made by hand with recycled, colored vinyl records, they’re an interesting fashion twist. All eyeglass frames are made in California, with custom orders possible.
  • RetroSpecs

    RetroSpecsvintage eyewear, meticulously revived. These frames are from the late 1890s through the hip 60’s, brought back to life in California.
  • eyebobs

    EYEBOBSThe best readers on the market today, they’re designed to be small, compact and effective. Great for on-the-go reading.
  • Blake Kuwahara

    Custom Eyeglass FramesSleek, hip and ultra-cool are just some of the ways to describe this brand. This designer won the Silmo d’Or Award in Paris for his phenomenal look!

    masunaga-eyewear-ss13-12-630x478Full-framed glasses that offer a simplistic style for any atmosphere. Wear them with anything, anywhere and always know you’re on trend.
  • February 31st

    FEBRUARY 31STLayers of laminated wood are combined to make these special frames.  We can also customize a frame from a rainbow of offered colors!  Lightweight, handcrafted in Italy.
  • Lucas de Staël

    LUCAS DE STAELClassic frames in unusual materials. Leather, cork, gilded leather, shale!!!   And the list goes on! Handmade in Paris.

    JEAN PHILIPPE JOLY“Eyewear made with passion.” Bold and fun, just like JPJ! Very wearable.
  • Eyeos

    EyeosEyeos have just upped the ante on state of the art readers!
  • Frost

    Custom Eyeglass FramesQuirky, colorful, FUN! And handmade in Germany.
  • Kame Man Nen

    KAME MAN NENClassic, old-school Japanese, with a modern twist!
  • Vinylize

    VINYLIZEFrom Budapest hungry! Slick eyewear made of acetate and vinyl records.
  • SAY-OH

    say ohAs in the Japanese concept “iki”, this eyewear is chic, unpretentious, and with natural beauty. Masters of unique metalwork mixed with acetate.

    IMPRESSIOArtisan eyewear from Luxembourg. They use mathematical algorithms to form their designs, then create it using polyamide and buffing it to the point so that it looks like leather. Mixed with beta titanium, it’s a super light sculpture for your face!

    CUTLER AND GROSSClassic British eyewear from Carnaby Street to Fleet Street. Founded in 1969 and continuing today with “the finest Italian craftsmanship with irrefutably cool style!” Sweet!
  • AKIRA ISHIWATARI designs for pLAtOy design Studio, Japan

    AKIRA ISHIWATARI designs for pLAtOy design Studio, JapanIt’s amazing. It’s stylin. It’s a strange combination of fresh Japanese with classical styling, and it WORKS! Fabulous acetate at times popped out with cool titanium. All “home made” in Italy by the master craftsman Fabio Stramare.

    Custom Eyeglass FramesA party in a pair of custom eyeglass frames! Recycled acetate, designed by a opera singer.

To view any of these amazing frames or designer options in person, simply visit Art & Eyes today! Or, if you’re looking for a particular style, contact us at 504-891-4494 to see what we might have in stock.