Art & Eyes is New Orleans, LA’s premier provider of the biggest selection of custom eyewear and refreshingly different fashion accessories for people who want to wear stylish frames, handmade clothing, sculpted replacement lenses, artful jewelry, masks, and truly unique accessories. We’re a high-end, art-to-wear fashion boutique, as well as a resource for the person who wants excellent vision and visionary design from their prescription or non-prescription glasses.


– This is our idea of an extended Memorial Day Sale! Huge price reductions in our inventory.
– A MEGA selection of frames that will be specially priced at 20, 30, 40, and 50% off.
– Match the dots, and you get that deal.
May 22nd through July 8th.

The Perfect Marriage of Art and Custom Eyewear

Glasses StoreGlasses are about more than just correcting your vision—they’re also a fashion statement for your face! The right eyewear in New Orleans, LA can accentuate your features, complement for style and give you a whole new outlook on your personal appearance. Art & Eyes is here to make sure you’re not stuck wearing another generic, unimaginative pair of non-prescription or prescription glasses. We specialize in offering our customers unique frames and designer eyeglasses in New Orleans, featuring rare and beautifully bold brands that are hard to come by. Our store attracts visitors from the greater New Orleans area and beyond, making us the premier destination for eyewear enthusiasts nationwide and even worldwide. Once people discover our exceptional selection and service, they return time and again. We’ve got more than over 4000 new styles at any given time.

Whether you prefer classic and understated or thrive on intrepid, eccentric designs, we’ve got a pair of out-of-the-box fashion glasses or sunglasses for you. Bold shapes, bright acetates and elegant angles characterize the frames at Art & Eyes, each one specifically chosen from the collections of the finest designers, classic brands and hot new upstarts alike. In addition to being a boutique for custom or classical glasses in New Orleans, LA, Art & Eyes also maintains a huge selection of accessories, apparel and more. Owner Starr Hagenbring has a vast line of handmade jackets and apparel on display at all times, with even more art-to-wear items from guest designers each month. Come and visit our fashion designers today to learn more about us and see how we marry style and design to practicality, for custom eyewear that’s beautiful and truly one-of-a-kind.

We take pride in customizing everything we sell, so you never see the same style walking towards you on the street. We’ll make sure you’re one-of-a-kind!
We offer designer frames for all styles and budgets, from $64 to $880! We also accept Flex Spending Cards.
Our shop frequently welcomes styles and products from guest clothes designers. Check back monthly to see who we’re hosting or get in touch with us about hosting your fashions.
Our products are curated from around the world, including countries like France, Belgium, England and Japan, to name a few.
Our shop has been open since 2011, but we’ve been in the fashion and design industry since 2001!

Find Your Style Today

For everything from chic frames to custom, handmade, artful jackets and beyond, visit Art & Eyes.  Our glasses store will help you find your fun, sexy style and customize it so you’re one-of-a-kind!

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