2018’s Trendiest Styles for Prescription Glasses in New Orleans, LA

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You’re sporting the latest look in footwear. You know your fall jacket is at the top of the popularity list. Your entire wardrobe exemplifies the latest trends. Yet, you might be missing the perfect final touch—what about prescription glasses in New Orleans, LA?

Are the spectacles perched on your face out of date? Do they offer both style and functionality? To ensure your prescription glasses are on par with the latest trends, use the following guide.


Prescription glasses in New Orleans, LA are available in nearly every color you can imagine. Which shades are in, and which are last season’s leftovers? For 2018, the most popular looks include tortoiseshell glasses. These unique patterns are trending in a variety of color schemes. Don’t limit yourself to the traditional brown. Choose a pattern that matches your skin tone and hair to perfectly complement your look.

In contrast, the absence of color is also popular. Clear frame prescription glasses in New Orleans, LA are extremely popular this year. They can be truly clear or transparent and infused with a bit of color, such as honey.

Of course, classic black is exactly that—classic. Black frames are always in style. They offer a good choice for a wide variety of occasions and clothing styles. They work particularly well with formal outfits. On the other hand, bright colors, such as lipstick red and pastels, are also trending in 2018.


The shape of your prescription glasses in New Orleans, LA should complement your face shape. Each individual must choose the look that works best for their size and shape. With that in mind, several shapes are topping the list in popularity this year.

Clubmaster or browline glasses have been trendsetters in 2018. They work for both men and women and offer a great professional look for work wear. The frames are both fashionable and practical.

Oversized, “hipster” glasses are also popular. These glasses let creative types stand out from the crowd. Their square silhouettes offer a unique look.

Cat-eye glasses are still among the top picks for women. They offer ladies a great choice for both academic and business settings.


A few past trendsetting styles remain solid in 2018. Among them, round mirrored glasses top the list. These are great options for prescription sunglasses.

Aviators also remain a much-loved favorite in 2018. This style is now available in metal and colorful acetate shapes.

For elegant outfits, gold round glasses have made their way to the top of the trend list. They pair well with bright colors such as beige, yellow or white.

Keep Current

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