Big Glasses Frames are For Anyone! Info About Non-Prescription Glasses in New Orleans, LA

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If you’ve been paying attention to eyeglass fashion, you’ve likely noticed oversized frames are all the rage these days, especially in the summer months. These frames can help you make a bold statement with your fashion and can be a perfect complement to your features and your wardrobe.

Long gone are the days where big glasses are considered “nerdy” or “uncool.” They’ve had a big presence in mainstream fashion for several years now, bolstered by the style choices made by celebrities like Johnny Depp. In previous years, some celebrity icons made oversized glasses iconic, like Andy Warhol.

Today, big glasses frames are for anyone, whether you’re famous or not, artist or not. The big reason for this rapidly increasing trend is that big-framed glasses go well with many different face types. If you have a larger face they’re especially beneficial, but even if you have a smaller face you can still wear large frames as long as they’re not overwhelmingly large. What’s more important is the shape you choose for the frames than the size of the frames.

Other elements, such as frame colors and lens undertones, are also important to match to your features, including your hair and eye color. So long as you take these factors into consideration, you’ll have no problem finding large eyeglass frames that will pop when you wear them.

There’s no need to avoid the trend—if you want to wear big eyeglasses, wear them! You won’t be considered nerdy—in fact, it’s far more likely people will think you to be on the cutting edge of style, thanks to their surging popularity these days.

Getting the right size

As we mentioned already, it tends to be more important to select the right shape of the frame than it does to pick the correct size—most big glasses will work with just about all face types as long as they’re not comically large.

There are several things you may want to consider, though, as you decide to purchase glasses that have a larger frame. If it’s your first time going with big glasses, it’s safer to select thinner frames—they’re less obtrusive and lighter, which will allow you to adjust to them more readily, both in terms of physically wearing them and in terms of the aesthetics of wearing them. Once you find yourself to have gotten used to them, then you can go up in thickness if you choose to do so.

You’ll also want to consider design and color. The design should reflect your personal style or taste, though there are certainly plenty of options to go bold and crazy should you wish to do something that’d typically be out of your wheelhouse.

No matter what your usual style is, there’s a strong chance big eyeglasses will look great on you. Why not try out this latest fashion craze yourself? Contact us for more information about non-prescription glasses in New Orleans, LA to add to your daily wear.

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