Did You Know You Had So Many Options for Sunglasses in New Orleans, LA?

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What’s your favorite style? Big and bold? Petite and minimal? Dark and mysterious? The options for sunglasses in New Orleans, LA are nearly limitless. Whatever look you desire, there’s a pair of sunglasses out there to help you achieve it.

The myriad options for sunglasses also help fulfill a wide variety of needs other than style. Vision correction, active wear and additional customization are available. If you’re in the market for a new pair of sunglasses in New Orleans, LA, consider your selection:

  • Polarized: If you want to really cut sun glare, choose polarized sunglasses in New Orleans, LA. Their structure allows them to act as miniature venetian blinds for your eyes. These sunglasses are ideal for days on the water or in the desert. Polarized sunglasses give your eyes the break they need if you’ll be gazing at bright objects for several hours.
  • Dark tint: If you want to cut glare but will also be viewing digital devices, dark tint is your best bet. Polarized sunglasses may reduce glare more effectively, but their design makes it hard to read phones or other electronic devices. You might find that dark tint offers enough shade and provides better mobile viewing.
  • Color: Choose any color under the sun! Pick your favorite for the frames, then choose the shade you want for the lenses, too. Amber, black and gray are a few of the options. If you want something more unique, choose lenses that are dark at the top and fade to clear.
  • Mirrored lenses: This style has made its way beyond the sports arena, where it originally gained popularity. Now trending in everyday fashion, mirrored lenses offer great sun protection and add a bit of mystery to your look. If you want to fully hide your eyes, this is a great option. And, they offer a handy tool to do a quick check of your hair and face, if needed!
  • Vision correction: If your vision is less than perfect, there are sunglasses that are perfect for you. Choose your favorite style and add prescription lenses to the glasses. You’ll be able to maintain your sharp, clear vision, even in the bright sunlight.
  • Transitions: These sunglasses in New Orleans, LA change from clear to shaded when you enter the sunlight. Once you go back indoors, they transition again. These are handy options if you’ll be doing a lot of in-and-out errands or simply don’t want to switch glasses throughout your day.
  • Clips: These customizable clips attach to your glasses frames. Choose from various styles, patterns and colors to perfectly coordinate your sunglasses with your other frames. Attach and detach the clips as needed for convenient wear.

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