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The COVID-19 pandemic is still raging, and epidemiologists predict that we’ll see a second wave during the fall and winter. It’s also flu season, which means the more protected you are, the better.

Wearing a mask has been proven one of the best defenses against COVID-19, according to the medical experts. Plus, wearing a mask is so easy and simple. It might not be the most fun experience, especially on muggy days—but at Art & Eyes, we think of fashionable face masks as another opportunity for creativity and expression in New Orleans, LA.

Shop for fashionable face masks in New Orleans, LA

We have the best, most functional and, hands down, the most fun masks out there. If you’re tired of disposable face masks and basic black cloth masks, why not treat your masks like a new favorite accessory?

Based on medieval plague masks (also known as Hieronymus Bosch masks), our custom-made face masks don’t touch your lips. You can talk, breathe, sneeze and even wear lipstick, because your mouth does not touch this type of mask.

Are you constantly having to push your mask back up when you’re trying to have a conversation with somebody? Our masks won’t require that, because your mouth will not touch the mask. Regular masks can catch on your mouth when you’re talking, which pushes the mask down—that isn’t a good way to keep anyone safe and healthy.

Our masks are made from two layers of high thread count cotton. They feature a non-woven stiffener interfacing on the top to create extra protection. Each mask is made with a nose wire so you can create the perfect fit—and one that won’t fog up your glasses. Our custom fashion masks also have adjustable elastic ties so you can tie them either around your ears or around your head.

Of course, style is everything. You’re used to getting great glasses from Art & Eyes, and we put the same care and attention to detail into our face masks. First, we have all of our prints custom printed, and the patterns and images are beyond amazing! You can find anything from a Marie Antoinette print to baroque swirled chickens. If you’re in the spooky spirit this October (or just love the macabre), get a mask featuring skulls with costume jewelry.

Check out our website for ideas of what the masks look like, then call the store for current prints available. All of our mask prints are limited edition, so if you see something you like, jump on it—our prints and styles change constantly.

Don’t let COVID-19 detract from your personal style. When you’ve got one of our fashionable face masks, you’ll protect yourself and everyone around you—and look great doing it.

Looking for the best fashionable face masks and designer eyeglasses in New Orleans? Art & Eyes offers hundreds of styles at every price point. Call us today or stop by to schedule a fitting appointment—we’ll match you with the perfect glasses (and face mask) for your personal style.

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