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Product Spotlight: Check Out Henau for Couture Eyewear

Feb 2, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts

It’s easy to buy glasses online these days, but if you care about style and design, you won’t be satisfied with mass-produced frames. If you’re someone who cares about style, you’ll want unique eyewear that really reflects who you are. If you live in New Orleans, LA and want unique eyewear, shop at the area’s premier provider of eyewear and fashion accessories for people who want to wear stylish frames, handmade clothing and artful jewelry: Art & Eyes. Our high-end, art-to-wear boutique is a great resource for the person who wants excellent vision and visionary design from their glasses. We’re... View Article

Top Reasons to Consider Sharing the Gift of Sight This Holiday Season

Jan 10, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

Did you know that 75 percent of adults need some sort of vision correction? Whether it’s eyeglasses or contact lenses, 42 percent of men and over 50 percent of women require some sort of aid to see clearly. Unfortunately, people ignore their worsening eyesight because they worry about the cost, hassle or change to their appearance. Now is the time to get your loved ones the best present of all: gift certificates for designer eyewear in New Orleans, LA. Here’s why. Safety If someone you care about is really starting to struggle with his or her vision, there’s no time... View Article

Come Check Out the Francis Klein Eyewear Trunk Show This September!

Sep 8, 2017 Published by Leave your thoughts

This September 21 and 22, Art & Eyes invites you to come out to our exciting trunk show featuring Francis Klein Eyewear! The Thursday and Friday show is a can’t-miss event, and the season’s most impressive eyewear will be on display for all to enjoy and take home. If you’ve ever been to Art & Eyes, you already know that we are dedicated to providing only the very finest designer eyeglasses in Orleans Parish, LA. We are big fans of Francis Klein Eyewear, and have three styles in stock at our store right now. We just can’t get over how... View Article