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‘tis the season! And there’s a lot of choices out there. We have got you covered with so many choices. ….Your eyes will roll. First of all, prescription or non-prescription? We have OVER 500 pairs in stock of non-prescription glasses ready to go when you are. From classic to avant-garde we’ve got them!! Prescription?! any frame in our selection of over 4000 frames could be made into prescription sunglasses, and the good news about that is you get to select the color, polarized…or not, flash mirror, full mirror, And do you want a progressive or just your distance? We can do it all for you. and discuss with you the pros and cons of all of the options.

Let’s talk about the makers. Art and Eyes sells nothing BUT independent brands. Nothing made by Luxottica. And with the exception of Moscot, (who owns their own factory in China and is a family owned US company for over 110 years) nothing made in China. Let me share with you some of my personal faves.

NATHALIE BLANC, handmade in France. Classic, but with a European twist. Beautiful colors and gorgeous large metal and acetate frames.

MATSUDA, handmade in Japan. These mostly metal, with sometimes some wonderful acetate thrown in for good measure, these frames are a favorite classic among men that love amazing detail.

MYKITA, handmade in Berlin, these beautiful light weight frames are polarized. Simple, clean, lightweight, and very elegant on.

VUARNET, handmade in France. In the 1960s an Olympic skier and an optician got together and designed the first “gold metal“ frame. Yes! These lenses helped win the gold medal in the 60s in downhill skiing! These classic frames now expanded into a beautiful array of styles, for both men and women Are fantastic sports glasses for every occasion.

THEO, always a favorite. Hand made in Belgium. Amazing fit, unbelievable color range. Theo is one of the rare companies, whose amazing style is so good that the “fashion forward” Theo’s you bought 10 years ago will still be elegant and totally in sync with what you’re wearing now. It’s amazing and so are they.

DITA, handmade in Japan. Sexy, and stylin. You put these on and you don’t even need the sports car.

LAPIMA, handmade in Brazil. Brazil is the land of beaches and jungles and these amazing sunglasses. Beautiful colors of acetate made into concave or convex sculpted eyewear. No other maker has any frames conceived quite like this, and they are just gorgeous!

VAVA, designed in Portugal, handmade in northern Italy. 23rd century eyewear made with a 23rd century styling. Sustainable, complicated, but simply elegant.

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