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Since 1999, native Parisian Jean Philippe Joly has crafted independent eyewear born out of a passion for the exquisite. His frames reflect his attraction to fine details, interest in the relationship between color and volume, and an uncompromising dedication to superior craftsmanship. This brand’s sunglasses are characterized by thick sheets of Mazzucchelli acetate, carefully thought-out details, and the perfect combination of shiny and opaque. Every JPJ frame is extremely appealing and makes for a truly personal choice that’s truly hard to resist.

JPJ collections often tell a story of inventive creativity, savoir-faire, and high artisanship. The glasses are crafted with strong color stories that are both dramatic and playful. And while he only produces a small collection, his frames are always a perfect fit for any face. One may even say that his extreme obsession with shaping frames to match the identity of their wearers is what makes him an exemplary independent optical designer. So whether it’s a frame with an aesthetic look or a pair of sunglasses that is expressively cool, Jean Philippe Joly surely has something for everyone in their collections.

Joly’s creations have also been notably influenced by numerous trips around the world, where he picks up different cultural and artistic references. Their aesthetic is characterized by multiple origins, starting from New York, his lucky charm city, but also by references to different cultures. In his workshop, Joly meticulously creates, fabricates, and prototypes his own drawings. Inspired by his travels, he incorporates a strong sense of detail, and combines all the elegance that he considers essential to beautiful objects. This high artisanship is a key feature of his collections, and one that makes them incredibly appealing to both art lovers and those who simply want to look stylish and unique!

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