Top Fashion Forward Eyewear Brands: February 2023 Spotlight – Part 1

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Fashion Forward style glasses can be quite diverse in terms of their styling. While some manufacturers of those retro frames prefer classic designs, others embrace bold looks. Either way, you’re getting beautiful frames.

Numerous brands specialize in retro eyewear. For this article, we’ll shine the spotlight on the products made by COEXIST Eyewear and Impressio. Stick around to learn more about those brands and the wonderful products they bring to the market.

Stylish Custom Frames Courtesy of COEXIST Eyewear

Your eyeglasses may be essential pieces of your everyday wardrobe because you cannot see clearly without them. Because you have to wear them throughout the day, it would be nice if your frames fit you perfectly.

COEXIST Eyewear strives to make custom-fit glasses more accessible to everyone. Get a pair that fits your face perfectly so you can keep your glasses on all day without discomfort. You’ll be amazed by the difference that custom fit makes.

By creating custom fit-frames, COEXIST Eyewear meets the needs of its customers. They want to provide you with a pair of glasses that you can wear without worry as you go about your day. Regardless of what your glasses need to be, COEXIST Eyewear can fashion the right fit for you.

We cannot discuss COEXIST Eyewear’s collection without highlighting its unique designs. They fully embrace the fun side of designing custom frames. If you have a specific design in mind for Fashion Forward style glasses, they can bring that to life for you.

Visit the retro eyewear store in your area today if you want to check out COEXIST Eyewear’s offerings.

Impressio Pushes the Boundaries of Eyewear Craftsmanship

Techniques made possible by modern technology are already being used in the eyewear industry. The people over at Impressio are at the forefront of that revolution.

To create unique offerings, Impressio utilizes a combination of classic and modern crafting techniques.

Their process begins with the conceptualization of a new design. Because they utilize 3D printing in their process, Impressio is willing to push the technical boundaries of eyeglasses. After perusing their collection, you’ll see some uniquely formed frames, and many of them feature remarkably intricate patterns.

Impressio also gives their frames a more textured look through 3D printing. Some frames appear to be made of leather and other atypical frame materials. That type of unique styling separates their offerings from many of the Fashion Forward style glasses on the market.

It’s worth noting that expert craftsmanship still figures into Impressio’s process. Skilled artisans put the frames together to maintain their distinct appearance and pristine quality. You don’t have to worry about imperfections and other blemishes potentially affecting the quality of your new glasses.

Combining new technology with traditional crafting techniques has yielded great results for Impressio, and we are the beneficiaries of that.

Are you interested in the retro eyewear brands featured in this article? If so, come visit us at Art & Eyes in New Orleans, LA to see their products! Pick out your next pair and feature the look you’ve always wanted!

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