Top Extraordinarily Cool Eyewear Brands: January 2023 Spotlight – Part 2

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Do you like stylish and extraordinarily cool glasses? Or do you want to get a pair to update your look? Then, you should consider getting yourself fashion glasses, and the two popular extraordinarily cool eyewear brands are Jean Philippe Joly and Vava. Let’s have a closer look at them:

Jean Philippe Joly

Jean Philippe Joly started his optical business in 1999 in Paris, with the following byline: "Passion is born." He was inspired by New York’s fashion which gave him ideas for his glasses. At first, he made glasses and released his first sunglass collection in 2014.

Joly’s sunglasses are designed and France and made in Italy. They are beautiful, dynamic, and durable, and they help you stand out from the crowd. Their design is unique and universal so that Jean Philippe Joly glasses can fit every face. Each pair of his sunglasses is imbued with artistic and cultural references. For his eyewear, including sunglasses, the designer has chosen hypoallergenic and biocompatible materials, such as cellulose acetate.  

People love his sunglasses for their bright colors and geometric shapes that help create a unique and extravagant style and look. Today, this brand of extraordinarily cool fashion glasses is synonymous with passion – for its invention, creativity, and uniqueness. Their uncompromising quality and pursuit of perfection make these glasses a must-have for any wearer interested in art, volumes, attraction for details, and elegance. 

VAVA Eyewear

Vava is a brand from Portugal that is known and appreciated for its progressive design. It creates unique and unisex sunglasses that fit both male and female wearers. The brand can be described as highly original, progressive, avant-garde, and stylishly modern. Each pair is designed and made in Italy, in a small, family-operated factory. 

The frames of the VAVA sunglasses are made from high-quality recyclable, eco-friendly materials and feature Barberini Mineral Crystal Lenses and lightweight aluminum hinges. Their design is breathtaking and minimalistic at the same time, and VAVA glasses are usually picked by those who love sci-movies and techno music. 

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