Top Extraordinarily Cool Eyewear Brands: January 2023 Spotlight – Part 1

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Extraordinarily cool glasses possess a distinctive style. Given the wide selection of cookie-cutter frames that have become more prevalent today, going with something retro is akin to making a statement.

Of course, any old pair of classical glasses won’t do. You should only go for the best.

In this article, we’ll highlight DITA and Factory 900 — two extraordinarily cool eyewear brands synonymous with high fashion and impeccable quality. Learn more about those brands and their products by continuing below.

Luxury Is the Defining Element of DITA’s Glasses

DITA has been in the eyewear business since 1995. Since then, the brand has remained committed to delivering luxury frames to the public.

This particular brand is best known for imbuing luxury into its creations. Whether you want a more classically styled pair or something with a more modern look, the elements of luxury are there.

Beta-titanium frames provide remarkable durability and flexibility without weighing the frames down. Optical coatings ensure that wearers will be comfortable while sporting these glasses. The acetate finishing used on the frames gives them their signature look.

The impressive quality of DITA’s glasses is made possible not just by their choice of materials. The company has also maintained relationships with artisans who specialize in the craft of creating eyeglasses. Putting those high-quality materials in the hands of expert artisans has created a truly impressive collection.

DITA is a high-end brand, and proud of it. That’s one of the main reasons why it has cultivated such a loyal following. Visit the classical sunglass shop in your area to check out their products!

Factory 900 Brings Unique Style to the Eyewear Market

When you first get the chance to see a collection of Factory 900 frames on display somewhere, they will likely capture your attention instantly. You’ll have a hard time turning your attention away from them, given their unique looks.

The people over at Factory 900 have never shied away from being bold. They consistently push the envelope and come up with products that truly possess a unique identity. You don’t have to worry about disappearing into the crowd when you have Factory 900 frames completing your ensemble.

When you first learn that Factory 900 glasses come with plastic frames, you may start to think that they are not on the same level as other brands in terms of quality. You’ll be glad to know they do not compromise quality, even though plastic is their preferred material.

The artisans at Factory 900 carefully cut and curve their creations from acetate plates. They can create durable and flexible frames mainly because of the process they utilize.

If you’re seeking uniquely styled extraordinarily cool glasses that are not lacking in quality, you should be on the market for Factory 900 frames.

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