Keeping Your Glasses Clean This Winter

October 25, 2022 Published by Leave your thoughts

Glasses are a must for many people. They help people with impaired vision to exist and to flourish. That being said, they do tend to fog up when drastic temperature changes occur. Anyone with glasses can attest, the fogging of glasses when you go from indoors to outdoors can be especially annoying. There are some ways that you can keep them from fogging up and keep them clean this winter.

Pre-Treating Glasses

Do your glasses keep fogging in cold weather? One of the best things that you can do is to take the time to pre-treat them. Using warm, soapy water to create a surfactant film over the lenses is a great way to keep fog from ever occurring. You can also get anti-fog solution that can be applied to the lenses to help create this film that will keep the lenses from fogging up.

You may have heard that things like toothpaste and vinegar can help, but they are more likely to damage the lenses of your glasses than actually do any good. Pre-treating your glasses is a great way to help if you cant keep glasses clean and if you are struggling with keeping the lenses from fogging up.

Make Sure You Clean Them Often

If you are out in the snow and you have snow on glasses, the best thing to do is get to a place where you can wipe your glasses. You want to use either a glasses cleaning wipe or a glasses cleaning cloth and clean the lenses completely. If you are using any sort of cleaner, you want to make sure it is safe for glasses and that it is not going to damage the coating if there is one on the lenses.

You never want to use a rough cloth that might scratch the surface of the lenses or cause damage. If you are dealing with your glasses getting overly dirty, you might try contacts, or just work to ensure that your glasses stay clean so that you can see through them totally and do not have to worry about anything. If you do have contacts, they are great for wearing during the winter months, when it rains, or when there is any weather that might make your glasses dirty and make it hard to see.

While it might be difficult to keep your glasses from fogging up, it is not totally impossible and can be done with the right steps.  

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