The Best Vintage Glasses For Your Face Shape

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When it comes to choosing a frame for your glasses or sunglasses that is not only going to feel great but look great, it is so important to take face shape into consideration. There are dozens of face shapes and there are just as many great frame shapes. Taking the time to think about your face shape can help you choose the perfect vintage eyewear for your face shape.

Buying Vintage Glasses That Fit Your Face

The first step to finding a great glasses frame shape for your face is to learn what your face shape is. There are dozens of different face shapes, but knowing some of the most common is a great place to start.

Round. This is one of the most common face shapes that is rather easy to figure out and easy to find a pair of frames for. Round faces look great with round frames. Round frames help to enhance the round shape of the face. If you prefer to play down the roundness of your face, try oval frames or cat eye frames to help make your face seem less round.

Heart-shaped. This is another common face shape that many people have trouble styling. With a heart-shaped face, you want to choose a frame that is not going to make your face too top-heavy. A cat eye frame is a great way to accentuate the heart shape of your face without being too heavy or too over the top. You can also get some great square frames that will help to accentuate the face shape.

Square. With very square face shapes, oval glasses are a great option. They help to soften the square shape of the face, without you losing that shape entirely. An oval frame is going to be universally flattering and is going to be so great for a square face shape.

Vintage Glasses

There are so many great vintage frames out there and finding the one that is going to work with your face can help you get the best result possible. There are some gorgeous frames out there, even if you do not feel that they will flatter your face, you should try some out.

Taking the time to try a few frames and see what fits your face and your personal style is the best way to get a vintage frame that is going to work for you.

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