Eyewear Guide and Tips To Finding the Right Frames for You

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Picking the right frames for eyeglasses is not always easy. So many shapes, designs, colors, and sizes are enough to confuse a customer. Fret not. We’re going to show you through this guide how you can also choose the perfect glasses frame for your style, the shape of your face and more.

Face Shapes

It does not matter what type of frame you choose for your face, but you should consider the shape complementing your facial features.

Everyone’s face is different, and men tend to have more prominent faces than women. Picking the right frames for you will help you accentuate that you appreciate eyewear as a means of aesthetic expression and boost your confidence, knowing you look amazing.

Round face

Round faces have a similar width at the forehead and the chin with soft rounded curves. For the round face, we recommend square and rectangular frames to help add structure like length to the face.

Geometric frames also work for round faces, since they give another angle of shape and dimension to the face.

Square face

Square faces sport prominent jawlines and cheekbones, so we recommend choosing rounder, softer frames. Softer frames will accentuate the features without clashing. Rimless and semi-rimless are good options, as well as round or oval frames.

Oval face

The oval face seems longer than width, with the forehead and chin becoming narrower than the cheeks.

Oval faces look great in nearly all frames. You can sport cat-eye frames, square frames and even D-frames. With an oval face, we recommend steering clear from heavy thick frames as these tend to clash with the curves of the face.

Heart face

The heart-shaped face is wider at the top and narrow at the chin. When finding the right frames for you, think of frames that draw less attention to your narrow chin if you have a heart-shaped face. Bottom-heavy frames will accentuate the narrow chin. A more flattering option is a cat-eye or an oval frame, as these draw attention to your eyes.

Diamond face

The diamond face shape is wider at the cheeks and narrow at the top of the forehead and chin. These face shapes look great in bottom-heavy frames and a cat-eye, as this design makes the stronger features look even better.

Rock Your Designer Glasses or Custom Eyeglass Frames With Style

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