What Your Eyewear Says About You

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Eyeglasses are not just for those of us who need assistance with reading, seeing the chalkboard, the TV screen, or the highway. They have become some of the most fabulous accessories in fashion today. Consumers flock to stores to buy the latest frames, even if they don’t have prescription lenses placed within the frames. 

Eyeglass frames come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. As you shop around your nearest dispensary or retail store, you will see a few of the following frames:

  • Thick Plastic Frames
  • Thinner Plastic Frames
  • Metal Frames
  • Flexible Titanium frames
  • Semi-Rimless Frames
  • Rimless Frames

These frames can hold the lens in various shapes, from round, oval, triangular, rectangular, or squared, to name a few. The pair you choose shows your sense of style and lets the world know your personality type. 

What does your glasses say about your personality?

"If you want to appear smarter and more sophisticated, put on a pair of glasses" – Unknown.

Our physical appearance says a lot about who we are. For example, most who wear eyeglasses gain instant credibility because they appear as someone who may have great intelligence, are very cultured and love the finer things in life.

Many find eyewear attractive, and it has been used in many TV ads to show sex appeal and reveal that a person has a naughty side. However, others appear to be more carefree and friendly in a thin pair of plastic frames. In contrast, another seems responsible and logical in their metal frames.

Furthermore, a person who wears aviator frames gives off a risk-taking, action, and adventure side to their personality. Lastly, semi-rimless and rimless eyeglass wearers are considered at first glance to be someone stylish, intelligent, well-rounded, and have a great business mind.

What do glasses symbolize in art?

In the art world, glasses can give a person insight into your creative side, just like an oil painting or drawing. Frames come in many colors and shapes, revealing how trendy, stylish, cheerful, bold, and imaginative you are. Eyeglasses are considered a piece of fine art to someone who values art history. Religious scholars were among the first to start wearing eyeglasses as we know them today back in the thirteenth century. 

How we view them has come a long way; they were once thought of as an instrument that revealed a person’s disability, but in the 21st century, they show a person’s personality and creative nature. 

Final Thoughts

When choosing a pair of eyewear, you should consider factors such as the shape of your face and the color of your skin, hair, and eyes. Furthermore, you should also consider your overall vision when wearing your glasses, general eye health, lifestyle, and personality. Lastly, you will need something durable enough to handle your way of life and active habits. What your eyewear says about you has a lot to do with the message you are looking to reveal about yourself to the world. Let your first impression unveil how incredible you really are.   


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