Out With The Old & In With The New: 5 Signs You May Need New Eyewear

March 22, 2022 Published by Leave your thoughts

Some people are able to choose eyewear and stick to those same glasses forever. However, for others, you may start to experience headaches or poor vision. When this happens, it is time to get a pair of new eyeglasses from a custom eyeglass boutique near you. Here are five signs that it may be time to invest in a new pair of designer glasses.

Sign #1: Frequent Headaches

When you have an old prescription, your eyes have to work harder. This places extra tension on your eye muscles, which can lead to both eye strain and headaches. If you are having more frequent headaches than usual, it’s time to schedule a visit with an eye doctor.

Sign #2: Squinting

When you are looking at an object, be it near or far, do you find yourself squinting so you can see better? Does it work? If squinting results in improved vision, this is only a temporary fix, and it most certainly shouldn’t be occurring while you are wearing your eyewear. Contact an optometrist near you as soon as possible.

Sign #3: Achy, Fatigued Eyes

When additional stress and tension is placed on your eye muscles because you can’t see properly with your current prescription, your eyes will become fatigued and start to ache. Your eyes are simply working overtime, which can cause harm to your overall eye health.

Sign #4: Sensitivity to Light

Bright lights, including the sun, can be taxing to your eyes. This is particularly true if you are walking around without the proper prescription. You may squint your eyes, cover them, or shut them when in the presence of bright light. Light sensitivity is not only a sign that your prescription may not be right, but it is also a sign that you may have an eye infection or another vision problem that requires medical attention.

Sign #5: Overdue for an Eye Exam

When was the last time you visited an eye clinic and underwent a comprehensive eye examination? If it has been over a year or you simply cannot remember, your prescription may be out-of-date. Therefore, you should schedule an eye exam to ensure your prescription is still in line with your vision and to gauge your overall eye health.

If you believe your eyewear is outdated, or one or more of the above signs applies to you, contact our custom eyeglass boutique for an exam and a new pair of designer glasses.

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