Custom Eyewear Crazes to Help You Spring Forward This Year

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When you need to give yourself a personality pick-up as the seasons change, a pair of new frames for the face can turn your entire appearance around. A custom eyeglass store can help you find the perfect prescription or non-prescription glasses that make a brand new impression when you are out in the world. Take a cue from some of these custom eyewear crazes that are hot this year, and your new eyewear will put the right spring in your step.

A Glossy Look

Gloss is not just for the lips anymore, it is showing up on the catwalks and on the frames of eyewear, adding a stunning freshness to your prescription or non-prescription glasses. Most designers are adding a few glossy styles to eyewear and you’ll be able to find some wonderful brands in your closest custom eyewear store or online.

Clear frames with a glossy finish add a pop to your eyewear that makes your eyewear and your eyes stand out. Glossy and clear looks are one way to get people’s attention when you are out in the world this spring. A little gloss to a patterned frame finishes the face in an elegant and professional way.

Half-Rimless and Casual

The rimless look in eyewear has been around for some time. Designers attach eyewear to the frame and leave the bottom half of the frame out for a rimless look. This season, the rimless look is being converted to the top, so that the top half of the frame is just the glass from the eyewear. The end result is a casual look that adds some mystery to the face.

Adding playful colors and patterns to the frame will also bring spring into this fashion statement. You can get rimless eyewear in every shape, from cat-eye-shaped to round and curious glasses held by a colorful and playful frame.

The Twenty-First Century Tortoiseshell

The tortoiseshell is never going out of style for eyewear, and this spring is no different. Gone are the days of just plain brown tortoiseshell, pretty as it may be. This year we are seeing spring colors brought into eyewear, with tortoise rims and blues, pinks, purples and even some turquoise speckles designed into the frame to elevate the eyewear.

When in Doubt, Try Neutral Eyewear

Neutral is a tone-family that is never going out of style. For neutral eyewear, focus on greys this spring. It is an understated office look that brings a professional sense to your glasses. Start with the gray palette if you want a more serious look for spring, and let your inspiration go from there. Metallic is a fun neutral that can still give you the professional style of Wall Street, with a little bit of flair and shine that sings spring.

Stop at Your Custom Eyeglass Store

If you have been thinking of upgrading your look, but don’t know where to start, start with new eyewear. It may be all that you need to spring forward this season and feel fresh about a new start. Stop at your custom eyeglass store for an array of these spring trends, and be inspired to shop for your next new look.

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