7 Tips To Stop Your Custom Frames From Fogging Up This Winter

February 22, 2022 Published by Leave your thoughts

Wearing glasses is a necessity for many people. While glasses can ensure good vision, some annoyances come with wearing them. One challenge that any glasses-wearer will experience is the development of fog, particularly during the winter. Here are seven tips you can follow that will help prevent fogging.

Wear Glasses Further Down Nose

One of the best ways to prevent fogging is by wearing glasses further down your nose. If you have vintage glasses that fit toward the end of the bridge of your nose, this position will keep your breath away from the glasses and can help you avoid fogging.

Get Anti-Fog Glasses

Another great way to prevent fogging is by investing in custom lenses. If you notice that your glasses continuously fog, upgrading the lenses to a kind that will not fog is a good idea. These can help reduce the fog no matter what the weather is outside.

Anti-Fog Wipes and Spray

An effective solution that you can use to prevent fog on your glasses is by using anti-fog wipes and spray. These wipes and sprays are made with a solvent to help protect the lenses and prevent moisture from building up. This can help you avoid fogging during the cold winter months of the year.

Clean With Soap and Water

The use of general hand soap is another effective way to prevent fogging. One of the reasons your glasses can fog is bacteria and impurities on the lens. While these may not be visible when wearing the glasses, they can cause your glasses to fog. When you clean with soap and water, it will help clean off these impurities.

Towel Dry

If you do wash your glasses, it is also important that you dry them off properly. If you clean with water, it can result in moisture being left on the lenses. When this happens, the water could freeze in the cold, which could cause damage and make it harder to see.

Alternative Solutions

There are also many home remedies that people can use to help prevent fogging. Wiping your lenses with shaving cream foam, toothpaste, and baby shampoo could all help to clean your frames and prevent the development of fog.

Get Another Vision Correction Solution

If fogging glasses continue to annoy you, finding another solution to improve your vision is a good idea. Today, those with vision impairment can invest in quality contact lenses that are comfortable, provide great vision, and eliminate the risk of fogging. Another option is to invest in laser eye surgery, which can provide you with great vision without having to wear anything.

If you do have to wear glasses, dealing with fogging can be challenging and annoying. By following these tips, you can help to prevent fogging and will continue to have good vision.

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