Eyewear Care and Why It’s So Important

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Are you taking proper care of your eyewear? The importance of eyewear care can’t be understated—and it’s easier than you think. Yes, it helps to clean your eyewear daily, and yes, you can use those little wipes that you get in the individually wrapped packages. Those do work, but they also create a huge amount of waste. Plus, you have to buy them.

Thankfully, there’s an easier way to care for your lenses and frames. Read on to learn how to take care of your eyes with great eyewear care tips.

How to keep your glasses clean

The best solution is warm water with blue Dawn, Ivory or lemon Joy dish detergent. You can use any gentle dish soap that is not antibacterial. Just go to your kitchen sink, rinse your eyewear with tepid to warm water and take a little bit of your dish detergent in between your thumb and forefinger, rubbing your lenses in a circular motion. Rinse off the glasses, then dry with a cotton towel and presto: you now have super clean eyewear with no smudges.

What you just did is the best way you can clean your eyewear. After all, glasses are worn on our heads. We sweat. We wear makeup. We wear suntan lotion and moisturizer. All of that gets on your glasses. There’s gooey stuff on those frames, and it migrates to your lenses faster if you don’t actually clean the frames. Strapped for time? You can even wash your frames, along with yourself, in your morning shower.

You will find an amazing difference in how infrequently you have to wipe the smudges off your lenses if you do this every day or even every other day. It’s an excellent habit to get into.

Professional help

Of course, getting great glasses requires working with a great provider. At Art & Eyes, all of our lenses come with a two-year warranty. That pretty much means your dog can eat your lenses or you can drop your glasses down your garbage disposal twice in a two-year time period and get new lenses for free. Additionally, all of our lenses come with anti-scratch as well as anti-glare coating. At most other stores, you have to pay for all of these features à la carte.

As an extra cherry on top, after you’ve received your new eyewear and lenses, you have a three-month period to make adjustments. If you’re not seeing well, let us know. We’ll send them back to the lab and have them redone within that three-month period.

That’s the key to taking proper care of your eyewear—while it’s an important task, it’s just a matter of regular washing and the occasional bit of professional assistance. When you get your lenses and frames from Art & Eyes, you can rest assured that you’ll get at least two years of high-quality glasses, even if your lenses get destroyed during that time.

Ready to spring for some new frames? Stop by Art & Eyes today to check out our selection, find your perfect pair and enjoy a great new look.

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