What Are Blue Light Glasses, and Do I Really Need Them?

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You might have heard of blue light blocking glasses—but do you know about their benefits, and whether you need them?

If you tend to stare at screens (television, smartphone, computer and tablet) for hours at a time, you might benefit from investing in some blue light blocking glasses. They filter out the harmful blue-violet light rays that come from digital screens.

Here’s why you should consider picking up a pair of blue light glasses.

Why is blue light harmful?

As you probably remember from your elementary school science classes, the visible light spectrum includes a lot of colors. These can range from blue-violet on the low end to red on the high end. Blue-violet light has shorter wavelengths than red light, which has the longest wavelengths. Shorter wavelengths emit more energy, which is why blue wavelengths are called high energy visible (HEV) light.

When we’re hanging out in the sunshine, we get a lot of blue light exposure—but we also get it from the screens we stare at all day long. While this is not always a bad thing (we do need some blue light exposure to stay healthy), it can disrupt our circadian rhythms, and therefore our sleep. It may also lead to macular degeneration and contribute to eyestrain.

The next time you’re stuck at work, staring at a screen, with a pounding head and tired eyes, it might be a reminder that it’s time for some blue light glasses.

Benefits of blue light blocking glasses

Here are some of the benefits of blue light blocking glasses:

  • Reduce your eyestrain: If you work an office job—or any job where you’re staring at screens for hours at a time—blue light glasses can filter out the harmful blue-violet rays. This will reduce your eyestrain and make it easier for you to focus.
  • Get better sleep: Struggling to fall asleep or stay asleep? Blue light blocking glasses can help prevent disruption to your circadian rhythms, so you can fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Who doesn’t need more (and better) sleep?
  • Prevent headaches: Blue light can trigger headaches, especially migraines. If you suffer from frequent headaches or chronic migraines, blue light glasses are a must. They’ll ensure you can get through the workday, rather than having to retreat to a dark cave.
  • Reduce your risk of eye disease: Finally, blue light blocking glasses can help reduce the risk of macular degeneration. By filtering out harmful blue-violet rays, your eyes are less likely to experience serious issues like blindness or cataracts.

Now that you know what blue light glasses are—and also understand the benefits of blue light blocking glasses—you might as well get the most stylish ones available. Art & Eyes has hundreds of different eyeglass frames. Let us help you find a pair of blue light blocking glasses to preserve your precious vision.

Call or stop by Art & Eyes today. We offer hundreds of frames for everything from blue light to prescription lenses. We look forward to helping you!

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