Our Top Tips to Help You Benefit from a Trunk Show

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Looking for some gorgeous, unique new frames that no one else has? Going to a trunk show is one of the best ways to find unusual new glasses. If you’ve never been to a trunk show in New Orleans, LA, however, you’ll need some pointers. Read on to discover our best fashion and designer trunk show tips, no matter where you’re shopping in New Orleans.

What is a trunk show?

Trunk shows are events where designers and vendors present their merchandise directly to customers. That is, instead of getting specifically curated merchandise in a shop, the designer comes straight to a store, hotel or other venue to show off their creations.

Generally, trunk show customers view the merchandise and place special orders—you probably won’t get to walk away with the perfect accessory on the same day. However, if you’re dedicated to having the very hottest and newest styles, trunk shows are the best way to meet that goal.

Fashion and designer trunk show tips

Here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of a New Orleans trunk show:

  • Know the parameters: Generally, trunk shows feature one or two designers, rather than a large array of them. This makes it possible for a designer to show off their entire collection at one time, rather than the most popular pieces. If you’re not familiar with the designer, browse their website to see if the frame styles appeal to you.
  • Make friends with your shopkeepers: Making friends with your local eyewear shopkeepers is the best way to find out about great trunk shows. When someone you might be interested in is coming to town, they’ll make sure to call you and let you know about the unique opportunity. (Plus, we can help you find the right type of glasses you’re looking for on a regular basis—no matter how weird or mundane the request.)
  • Schedule an appointment: Scheduling an appointment for a trunk show is not only good etiquette, but it ensures that you’ll get the specialized attention you need. Of course, if you can’t make an appointment, please take a second to call and cancel.
  • Bring friends for second opinions: A good friend is there for you in good eyewear and bad. Make sure to bring them along so that they can steer you away from less satisfying purchases—and cheer you on for the good ones.
  • Be ready to make a day-of purchase: Finally, be ready to make a same-day purchase when you go to a trunk show. Sometimes quantities are limited, or there are samples and last-chance selections available. Bring your pocketbook and your desire for a brand-new style, or risk missing out.

Following these trunk show pointers in New Orleans, LA will guarantee that you have a great experience. Whether you’re looking for your new everyday frames or a fun new piece for your collection, we can help. Call or stop by Art & Eyes today to learn more about our trunk shows and regular selection.

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