Is There a True Benefit to Non-Prescription Glasses?

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In recent years, glasses have made an interesting comeback in the fashion world. Many people today see glasses as a fashionable accessory that can highlight your sense of style and even draw attention to your beautiful eyes—all without altering your vision in any major ways.

Are there any advantages of investing in a quality pair of non-prescription eyewear? Here’s a list of 2021 benefits of non-prescription glasses.

Eye protection

How is your eye health with non-prescription glasses? They do much more than simply complement your style—they also provide frontline protection for your eyes. Dust, direct sunlight and even computer radiation can all have a negative impact on your eyes. Investing in a pair of non-prescription glasses with a special coating can provide your best defense against particles and harmful light from entering your eyes and damaging their health.

Reducing eye strain

Another way that your eye health is affected with non-prescription glasses is by reducing the strain you put on your eyes. Sometimes a person’s vision is only slightly less than perfect, which means that a pair of non-prescription reading glasses could be a big help in seeing things either up close or far away. They magnify words and images either on a printed page or digital screen, keeping you from squinting and straining your eyes.

Low-power reading glasses are usually enough to help with everyday computer work, while simple readers can be found in a range of powers. These readers can also be customized with the special coatings mentioned above that protect your eyes from glare.

Filtering blue light

Blue light, or high-energy visible light, is emitted from the sun’s rays and electronic devices like computers and smartphones. Most people are exposed to blue light a majority of the day. All that screen time adds up, and it can affect the health of your eyes. Non-prescription eyewear that specifically filters blue light relieves digital eye strain. Not only will you experience less eye discomfort throughout the day, but you’ll even get a better night’s sleep. It’s a great way to defend your eyes if your line of work involves the use of technology.


Some people simply wear non-prescription glasses because they love how they look. You can dramatically alter your style or image with a simple pair of glasses. From interesting shapes to bold colors, non-prescription eyewear comes in all ranges of styles, since they don’t need to have the practical look of regular prescription glasses. Since non-prescription glasses are generally affordable, you can experiment with a variety of frames to get the look you’re after.

Now that you’re acquainted with the 2021 benefits of non-prescription glasses, don’t hesitate to invest in a quality pair. You can protect the health of your eyes and make a unique fashion statement, too, if you choose. Reach out to Art & Eyes to discover more of the benefits of non-prescription eyewear and to find the style that’s right for you.

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