Summertime Brings Warmer Temperatures—and Dirty Glasses!

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From backyard cookouts to days spent by the pool, it’s hard not to love summertime. If there’s one downfall about summer, it’s the fact that it’s so hot and muggy! But we’re not the only ones affected by the summer heat—so are our glasses.

Sweaty faces, hair gel, sunscreen, moisturizers and makeup can damage our lenses and affect the hinges. Thankfully, we have some great summer frame tips to keep your glasses in tip-top shape. Continue reading to learn more.

How can I clean my glasses?

Keeping your glasses clean throughout the summer is remarkably easy and inexpensive. Instead of spending money on eyeglass lens cleaning solutions and microfiber cloths, just use what you already have at your house. All you need is water, a little bit of non-antibacterial liquid dish soap—like blue Dawn, Meyer’s or Ivory—and a cotton towel or T-shirt.

Simply put a bit of the liquid dish soap on your finger and gently massage the lenses, temples, nose pads and anywhere else that touches your face. Next, rinse the soap off with some water and then dry your glasses with the cotton rag or towel.

After following these glasses tips, you won’t believe how much cleaner your glasses feel and how much better you can see. Plus, this same trick works for dirty sunglasses, too.

In what other ways does hot weather affect glasses?

You may notice that your glasses feel a bit looser or wobbly during the hotter months. No, this isn’t because your head is shrinking—it’s due to the fact that objects expand in the heat. Frames made of acetate often swell as the temperature rises, making your frames looser on your face.

Thankfully, we have a solution for loose frames, too. Another one of our glasses tips is to come in and see our specialists at Art & Eyes. Paul, Amanda or Meredith can all assist you in adjusting the hinges and screws so your glasses fit just as well as they did when you first bought them.

Is it time for some new glasses?

Routine cleaning won’t fix scratched lenses, and there’s only so much our specialists can do to fix seriously damaged frames. If your glasses seem to be beyond repair or if you’re ready for a new look, consider upgrading to a stylish pair from Art & Eyes.

A new pair of eyeglasses can do wonders to transform your face and give you a boost of confidence. So before you go trying to tape together those old frames or walk around with scratched-up lenses, consider investing in some new eyewear.

What can Art & Eyes do for you?

If you’re tired of your boring old frames and lenses, be sure to stop by and see our professionals at Art & Eyes. In addition to adjusting those loose hinges and providing you with some summer frame tips, we can set you up with some custom lenses and frames that are sure to turn heads. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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