Five of the Summer’s Hottest Eyewear Trends!

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Does eyewear come to mind when you think of fashion? Well, it should! Just like pants, dresses, shoes and tops, eyeglasses are a significant component of the fashion world. Whether or not you consider yourself a fashionista, continue reading this post to see what’s hot in summer 2021 eyewear.

Geometric angles

This summer might feel like the 1970s due to the fun geometric shapes we’re seeing in this year’s eyewear. Big acetate frames in fun trapezoidal or square shapes will be popping up across the country. Because they can be square-shaped with rounded edges, these frames can look good on any face type.

Rimless with a twist

We already touched on the shift towards geometric frames this year, but you’ll even notice it with rimless frames. Hexagon, cat-eyes and oversized angular lenses without frames will be in vogue for the foreseeable future. In addition to looking trendy, you won’t have to worry about the frames getting clogged up with makeup and sunscreen.

Mixed materials

Metal and acetate mixes in all sorts of different shapes are trending in 2021. Metal bridges with acetate inserts are big right now, but don’t be surprised to see metal mixed with 3D-printed materials! The combinations are limitless, and they provide a unique look for the wearer.

Colored rims and lenses

Heavy black frames have been in style for a while now, but consider ditching that boring black for a pop of color in your summer wear. Everything from bright red and sage green to tortoiseshell is in right now. To go with the colored frames, we’re going to see a lot more fun tinted lenses this year.

Square or rectangle

Square and rectangular frames are back this summer. Even if you’ve worn round glasses in the past, you’ll find that square rims will suit you just fine due to the balance of the shape—the centered temple gives you an even amount of shape above and below.

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