What Eyeglass Frames Make You Look Younger?

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Glasses are such an important part of a person’s look. A pair of glasses can have a dramatic effect on how you’re perceived, sending a message about everything from personality type to age. Speaking of age, did you know glasses have the power to make you look younger?

From size to shape to color, there are ways eyeglasses can help change your perceived age (visually, at least). Here are eyeglass fashion styles that can help you look younger in New Orleans, LA.

Cat eyes

The feminine touch of a pair of cat-eye glasses can add a youthful touch to anyone’s face, regardless of gender. This style looks particularly flattering on round-shaped faces with supportive cheeks.

Black frames

Black frames will go with any look, no matter what color your outfit or hair may be. And speaking of hair color, black frames are the most commonly paired color with gray hair. It is a natural complement to the color, so you can feel confident to own the gray and ditch the dye.

Oversized frames

Big frames grab everyone’s attention and draw it straight to your eyes. They can also help hide signs of aging, like wrinkles or bags under the eyes. Oversized frames come in all types of shapes and can be a good choice for any face shape.

Blue frames

Another way to blend gray hair with your look is with blue frames. The color naturally goes with gray (just like black frames) and can be a nice pop of color with many different outfits. And it doesn’t have to be the whole frame—blue highlights on a frame have a similar effect.

Bold styles

Young folks are more likely to take risks with their fashion choices, and there’s no reason why those of an advanced age can’t do the same thing. Older age can be a major advantage here, as more life experience can lead one to more easily identify styles that are both bold and tasteful to go with a variety of different looks.

Round frames

One style that never goes out of fashion is round-framed glasses. From John Lennon to Kendall Jenner, round frames are perpetually hip. This timeless style can be a great look for any age—it’s a style that bridges generations.

Avoid clear frames

Clear frames can be a cool look, but their distinguishing feature is that they reveal everything about your face. There’s no hiding signs of aging with clear frames, so keep that in mind when considering your eyeglass fashion.

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