Going Eyewear Frame Shopping? The Dos and Don’ts on Who to Bring with You

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It might sound like a good idea or a fun time to bring someone along with you for frame shopping in New Orleans, LA. After all, you want a second opinion about how they look on you, right? Possibly. But you must be careful who you allow to tag along on your shopping adventure. You might not get the helpful feedback you’re hoping for from your companion. Here’s what you need to know.

Your partner

Sure, they probably know you better than anyone else, but your partner might not be the best one to bring with you when you look for eyewear in New Orleans, LA. Why? Consider their style. Do they have great personal style? If so, they may be helpful. If not, don’t bring them. Most of the time, they either won’t want you to change or they will choose a pair of frames that they would wear. Either way, you won’t end up with a good recommendation from them, and you might end up in an argument instead.

Your children

It might be tempting to ask your high school teen or college-age kid to come along and give you advice while you are frame shopping in New Orleans, LA. Perhaps they will help you choose something that’s “in style” or trendy, but they won’t really be excited about making Mom or Dad look cool. Plus, their styles are based heavily on trends—you really don’t want to end up looking like the latest reality show because that’s what your teen thinks looks great this week.

Your friends

If you ask a friend to come frame shopping in New Orleans, LA with you, choose someone who really likes glasses and whose personal style you really like. Don’t choose a highly competitive friend who wants to look better than you. Also avoid anyone who wears rimless glasses and thinks they look young or who tells you that you’ve always worn rectangles, so you should wear them for the rest of your life.


In truth, the best option is probably to shop for eyewear in New Orleans, LA solo. You’ll avoid bad recommendations from family and friends while feeling free to choose the frames you want. Plus, when you come to Art & Eyes, we always have at least two people on the floor to assist you. We are more than happy to tell you when you look great and when you should choose something else. We want you to love your new frames!

Come on in

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Our collection of frames is hand-picked for people who appreciate eyewear as an opportunity for aesthetic expression. We pursue quality craftsmanship and design rather than trends and logos, and we take pride in curating our evolving collection. With frames ranging from $64 to $880 and brands like Eyebobs and Alain Mikli, we aspire to offer every customer accessible chic. Stop in today!

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