Are You Finding Frames That Fit Your Personality?

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Did you know that your frames can say a lot about your personality? To get the right custom frames in New Orleans, LA, it’s important to make sure the style of the glasses matches your personality style. With the right personality frames in New Orleans, LA, you’ll feel confident and attractive as you sport your eyewear. As you choose your custom frames in New Orleans, LA, consider the following typical personality matches:

  • Tortoiseshell: These personality frames offer spunk and charm. The bright hues and speckled pattern offer a cheerful feel with lots of energy. If you like to express your personal style and have a generally cheerful demeanor, these frames are for you.
  • Browline: If business is your thing, these are your personality frames. This style offers a clean, pragmatic look. With a bold top and minimal bottom, they make a statement of business-like style. They make a great fashion statement at the office while giving the impression of authority and friendliness.
  • Transparent: These offer a trendy solution for the fashionable personality. Alluring yet subtle, they are available in a variety of shapes. They are great for formal and informal occasions whether you want to accentuate your casual wear or your formal attire.
  • Cat eye: Feeling bookish? Nothing says librarian like cat eye glasses. If you’re looking for the perfect custom frames in New Orleans, LA for the bookworm at heart, these are for you. Sport them for reading or to let everyone know you’re well-read but stylish.
  • Square: Who do you think of when you see square frames? These are typically associated with hipsters. If you avoid the mainstream and are always up on the latest trends, these glasses are for you.
  • Round: Circular frames exude an artistic feel. If you are creative and artistic, consider choosing custom frames in New Orleans, LA that are round; they will sit well with your personality. Of course, you’ll want to choose something colorful to match that artistic flair of yours.
  • Oval: Do you find yourself drawn to the world of academia? Elongated frames tend to provide a scholarly look. You’ll look and feel like a scholar with your oval personality frames in New Orleans, LA.
  • Aviator: This style isn’t necessarily for pilots. Instead, these glasses give off an outlaw vibe. If you’re bad to the bone and want to let people know it, these frames are a good match for your personality.
  • Deep tint: Glasses that offer wide bands and deep tint for greater coverage are made for party animals. If you need a little extra shade in your life due to late nights, these are the ideal glasses for you.

We have your style

Whatever your personality and style, Art & Eyes has the perfect custom frames in New Orleans, LA for you. Our collection of frames is hand-picked for people who appreciate eyewear as an opportunity for personality expression. We pursue quality craftsmanship and design, and we take pride in curating our evolving collection. Stop in today to find your perfect match.

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