You Might Do a Double Take with These Eyewear Trends of 2021!

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Have you been itching to get a new pair of glasses? Whether you want something functional for everyday wear, or your tastes trend toward unique eyewear in New Orleans, LA, 2021’s eyewear trends have something for everyone. You’ll be able to find everything from classic wire frames and tortoiseshell to clear frames, double brow bars and bold patterns. Why not get a few different pairs? We like to think of eyewear as just another great accessory, and with 1,600 frames in stock at Art & Eyes, you’re sure to find a pair to fit every outfit.

Here are some of the most popular 2021 eyewear trends—which will you choose?

  • Clear frames are still in: Clear frames have topped the eyewear trends for the last few years. Whether you opt for crystal clear or clear colors, these glasses are eye-catching. Try rectangular shapes for a twist on a classic, or go big with thick-framed plastic eyewear. They’re a great way to call attention to your glasses without overwhelming your face, and they’ll add some retro style to your look.
  • Metal is back: Metal glasses have never really gone out of style, but metal is especially trendy right now. Round, oversized wire frames are popular this year, but you can get the look with a smaller, subdued version as well. Like clear glasses, this is a trend that suits men and women alike.
  • Try a double brow bar: Go for modern grandpa chic with double brow bars. These frames have two brow bars across the top of the frames, which are often made from metal. They’re like your grandpa’s glasses, but better: the shape accentuates your brow line and the modern geometric or round shapes keep you from looking out of date. They’re great for adding a little flair to more conservative styles.
  • Oversized flat tops: Flat-top frames have long been popular for sunglasses, but now this shape is making its way into eyeglasses as well. Opt for an oversized pair to draw maximum attention to the unusual shape.
  • Bold, chunky frames in fun shapes: Thick, bold frames have been popular for a while now, but there are even more options available. From clear patterned frames to attention-grabbing glossy colors, look for unusual twists on classic shapes. For example, extra-rounded cat-eye glasses in neon or primary colors are all the rage on runways.
  • Classic, delicate tortoiseshell: Not everyone wants big and funky glasses, so why not consider delicate tortoiseshell frames in new shades? Try brown with pops of blue or violet to add a pretty twist to these classic patterns.
  • Funky patterns catch attention: Finally, patterns are back. Some of the most interesting eyewear trends merge thick, clear glasses with funky patterns. It’s a trend that’s sure to make you stand out.

No matter what kind of eyewear trends you love, Art & Eyes is sure to have something just right for you. Schedule your try-on appointment today—we have COVID-19 safety protocols in place so you’ll feel safe shopping for unique eyewear in New Orleans, LA.

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