Has Your Prescription Changed? Here Are Five Uses for Your Old Glasses

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When your lens prescription changes, you seem to have two choices: 1) hope you can find frames and lenses you like as much as your old ones, or 2) settle for something that works but isn’t your favorite. But there are other options when you choose among the best NOLA eyeglass frames that will not require you to give up your style. Here are five options when your old lenses are no longer useful to you:

  • Turn them into sunglasses: Sometimes, the ultimate prescription change is needing no prescription at all. Lasik procedures remove the need for glasses from many people’s lives, and that often means sacrificing their cool frames. However, there is an option: turn them into sunglasses. If you are under 40 and do not need support for close vision, turning those old glasses into sunglasses is an excellent choice. You can even choose your custom lens shade!
  • Convert them to readers: Even with Lasik, those of us over 40 may still need some help with close vision. The favorite lens here at Art & Eyes is a progressive lens (no correction on top) that turns into sunglasses when you go outside. This upgrade will look, feel and fit better than drugstore readers and will be customized to your eyes. You will not have to remove glasses for reading and looking into the distance or switch to sunglasses. The transition between indoors and outdoors is quick, and you will enjoy only needing one pair of glasses.
  • Put new lenses in your old frames: If you are not fortunate enough to be a Lasik candidate and instead must go through a new prescription every two years, you can still be committed to your current frame style. Simply take them in for new lenses. Bring your prescription to us, choose your lens and we will update your glasses so they’ll work with your current needs. You will receive new customized glasses that will reflect your personality.
  • Donate: Perhaps it is time to not only benefit from a new prescription, but also try a new look. In this case, there are organizations to which you can donate your old glasses. New Eyes, for example, collects old glasses and recycles and distributes them to low-income individuals who could not otherwise afford glasses. You can do a good thing while also looking into your next favorite eyeglass frames.
  • Recycle: Wear and tear and changing trends may leave your frames just too far gone. Since glasses are made of many recyclable materials, there is no reason to throw them into the landfill. Plastic, aluminum, gold and steel parts are all recyclable, and you only need to find an organization to take them. OneSight accepts used and broken glasses and will ensure they are recycled. After that, you can shop for your new eyeglass frames without guilt!

Art & Eyes is an eclectic shop with the best NOLA eyeglass frames. Whether you seek vintage, designer or simply unique frames, our New Orleans, LA shop will have them for you. Call us today for a shopping appointment.

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