Can Wearing Colored Sunglasses Really Boost My Mood?

October 28, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

Winter is rapidly approaching, which means shorter days, longer nights and less of the abundant sunshine Louisiana is known for. With activities currently restricted during the pandemic, the typical winter conditions can quickly become tiresome.

At Art & Eyes, we have a novel solution: wearing colored sunglasses. Not only is it a fun fashion statement, but wearing colored lenses may actually boost your mood and ease seasonal depression. That’s not bad for an accessory from your favorite local sunglasses store in New Orleans, LA.

How colored sunglasses improve mood

Color therapy might seem a little kooky, but humanity has been associating moods and qualities with color for millennia. Even “warm” and “cool” color designations are part of it. Think about the way you feel when you walk into a room decorated with blues and greens as opposed to red, yellow and orange—cool colors are considered more soothing, while warm colors are stimulating.

Scientific studies actually back this up. Certain kinds of light (remember, colors are all different wavelengths of light) can help with seasonal affective disorder, sleep disorders, depression, PTSD and more. The current research indicates that different colors trigger biochemical and hormonal reactions in your body, which can help soothe mood and sleep issues.

Now think about your favorite pair of colored sunglasses (even if you don’t own a pair yet, we bet you’ve seen them in ads or on the street). If the color turquoise instantly makes you feel calm and relaxed, what would it be like if your entire world was washed in that color? That’s the appeal of colored sunglasses: you can choose colors that make you feel good, and reap the scientifically-proven benefits.

Which colored sunglasses are right for me?

Different colors can help you achieve different reactions. Read on to find out more about your favorite color, or pick a color based on the psychological effect you’re looking for:

  • Red: Red is an extremely stimulating color—in fact, it can be agitating to some people. When you need a burst of energy, opt for red glasses.
  • Orange: Orange is another stimulating color, which can be too much for people with anxiety. It tends to be more mentally stimulating than red.
  • Yellow: Yellow is a cheerful color that can instantly boost your mood—opt for bright canary yellows instead of mustard or goldenrod.
  • Green: Green is a good place to start if you’re new to color therapy. It’s balancing, and can help lift you out of a depressed mood.
  • Blue: Feeling anxious but not depressed? Blue is a soothing, cool color that can tame your anxious thoughts.
  • Purple: Purple is an intensely relaxing color (especially shades on the blue side of the spectrum). Pop on a pair of purple shades when you’re trying to stay mellow.

No matter what color shades you want, Art & Eyes can help you find the perfect pair. Stop by our local sunglasses store in New Orleans, LA today to check out our selection. We look forward to working with you!

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