Best Practices for Maintaining Your Eyewear to Get the Most Out of Your Investment

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You’ve probably had to spend a decent amount of time finding the right eyeglasses, getting the right prescription and having them adjusted to perfectly fit your face, so it follows that you’d want to maintain them properly to get the most out of your investment. If you take care of your glasses, they should last for years, or at least until you need to get a new prescription. Here are some tips for how to take the best care of your unique eyewear in New Orleans, LA:

  • Clean them often: You need to clean your eyeglasses at least once a day to keep them in great shape, and to prevent your eyes from having to strain to see clearly through smudges, dirt and cloudy lenses.
  • Rinse first: Of course, you have to clean your lenses properly to keep them in the best shape possible, and that includes rinsing your frames. If you start cleaning, the dust and other smudges could have an abrasive effect.
  • Have a special cleaning cloth: Don’t use paper towels, facial tissues, your t-shirt, bath towels or washcloths to clean your glasses. Paper towels and tissues will create lint on your frames or scratch them, while t-shirts, bath towels and washcloths are simply too abrasive. Instead, get a special eyeglass cleaning cloth to keep your lenses clean and scratch free.
  • Get a dedicated cleaner: Windex on your eyeglasses just won’t do. The chemicals in household cleaners, especially ammonia, can damage the protective coating on the lenses and irritate your skin and eyes. Instead, get an eyewear-specific lens cleaner and spray it carefully before wiping with your cleaning cloth.
  • Hold by the bridge: When cleaning, hold your glasses by the nose piece so you don’t bend the frames while cleaning. When finished with the lenses and the rest of the frames, don’t forget to give the bridge and nosepiece a wipe-down, too—cleaning off the oils from your skin will help prevent breakouts and irritation.
  • Consider air-drying: If you can, let your glasses air dry to prevent lint and dust from clinging to the lenses. This may be easiest to do overnight, when you won’t need to wear your glasses and they’ll have plenty of time to fully dry.
  • Always store your glasses properly: If you’re tossing your glasses in your purse, in your glovebox or on the table, you’re risking scratches, breakage and maladjusted frames. Store your glasses in a hard-shell eyeglass case whenever possible. It’ll keep dust and dirt off the frames and will ensure your glasses stay in one piece during travel, while commuting or any other time you don’t need to be wearing them.

Taking care of your glasses might add a little time to your daily routine, but it’s worth it to protect your investment. What could be more important than seeing clearly?

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