Reduce the Wait Time for Your Next Pair of Prescription Glasses

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Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have found themselves losing a sense of normalcy and routine. People have had to adapt to their favorite businesses and other establishments closing or having limited hours, with many scheduled appointments and events being postponed or canceled altogether. Optometrists are no exception to this new way of living, and unfortunately, many eye exams scheduled as far back as the middle of March have been postponed. Unfortunately, this may have put your dream of getting unique eyewear in New Orleans, LA on hold until you can get in to see your eye doctor.

Many optometrists were only operating for emergency appointments up until recently. Routine visits were put on hold, and now many people are trying to get in to see their eye doctor for their yearly checkup. Eye doctors’ offices are implementing safety precautions, such as appointment-only visits, seeing only a few patients at a time and performing extra cleaning procedures after each patient is seen. Because of this, it may be taking longer than normal to get in to see your eye doctor. You might be waiting a little longer to get your new prescription, keeping you from choosing the new pair of frames you’ve been wanting.

Fortunately, it is possible to pick out the best pair of frames for you before seeing your eye doctor. Since your prescription affects the lenses, and not the frames, you can try out new frames before seeing your eye doctor for your official appointment. Then, once you have your new prescription, you can update your order, expediting the process instead of waiting.

Unique eyewear in New Orleans, LA

Art & Eyes in New Orleans, LA is your go-to destination to find the best fashion statement for your face. Make an appointment with us to find your perfect new pair before you see your eye doctor. When you come to Art & Eyes, you’ll be met with a huge selection of frames, from classic and understated to bold and bright. We carry designs from established and up-and-coming artisans, so you will always be able to find unique eyewear in New Orleans, LA that you won’t see anywhere else on the street.

When you come to Art & Eyes, our eyewear professionals will help you select a pair of frames that not only fit your personality and style but also accentuate the best features of your face. We’ll help you find a pair that fits perfectly, with a color and shape that you love. Your frames should also be comfortable, sitting well on your nose, not too high and not hitting your cheeks. When you come visit us in person, we’ll make sure you leave knowing you will feel comfortable and confident in your new frames.

Art & Eyes is ready to help you pick out your amazing new frames. Call us today to make an appointment to safely shop at our high-end, art-to-wear boutique. We look forward to seeing you and helping you choose the right eyewear today!

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