How Looking Good Can Help You Feel Good

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In these unprecedented times, you may find yourself taking a little less time to get ready than usual, perhaps throwing on the same pair of sweats or wearing the same old t-shirt for days on end. With many people working from home, limiting their time outside and special occasions being postponed, it may not seem worth it to put in the effort to get all dressed up. But especially if you’re feeling a little down, taking that extra time might just help boost your spirits, even if it just means putting in extra effort for a virtual chat with friends.

There is scientific proof that clothes and accessories have the power to affect confidence, behavior and mood. As a society, we’ve determined that certain clothes are acceptable for specific occasions, and we can fit in to a role based on the clothes we choose to wear. In fact, we often judge strangers based on the clothing they are wearing, making assumptions about what role they are playing based on their outfit. Because of this immense power, looking good and dressing for a specific role, even down to your eyewear in New Orleans, LA, can help you feel great.

Consider how you feel when you are dressed in a suit. This power clothing helps us exude confidence, allowing us to own any room we are in. Casual Fridays in the office help people open up, relaxing their conversation and helping them become more creative in the process. Even putting on your gym clothes can have a positive effect. If you’re feeling less than motivated about hitting the gym, changing into active wear can help you feel more suited for working out, helping you make healthier decisions. Picking out your overall look can get you on the road to a successful, happy day.

Invest in new eyewear in New Orleans, LA

In times when you may not be getting out of the house as often as you’re used to, much of your time might be spent on the computer, in virtual meetings for work and long-distance chats with family and friends. While your perfect outfit might not be highlighted in this virtual world, your face becomes a main focus. Art & Eyes is ready to help you find the perfect eyewear in New Orleans, LA to help you feel good by looking your best.

Eyewear does not have to only be about correcting your vision. Use your frames as a fashion statement, matching your personality and style. Art & Eyes takes pride in offering the best variety of frames, from the finest independent designers to hot new startups, so you know you’ll always be able to find something you love. When you come in to find your new frames, you will also be met with a collection of beautiful accessories and apparel, helping you complete your overall look. Make an appointment today for a safe shopping experience that will leave you feeling happy and confident. We cannot wait to work with you.

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