Trending! 2020’s Most Popular Styles and Shapes

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2020 has already been a wild ride for most of the world, which is reflected in this year’s most popular eyewear styles and shapes. When your style needs an update, a new pair of eyeglasses can completely transform your face and your look.

This year is all about bold style and oversized frames—but if you’re more traditional in your style, there are plenty of trendy NOLA eyeglass frame options for you, too. Read on to find out what’s been popular so far in 2020, and the trends we expect to continue throughout the year.

2020 color trends

This year, clear frames are all the rage. Designers love them because clear plastic frames are ultra-modern, yet subtle enough that you can get away with an unusual frame shape—think tiny cat-eye, oversized lenses and geometric shapes. They’re also versatile, since you can make the focus either the glasses or your face—to make the glasses stand out, wear neutral makeup and clothing, or let them complement your face when you wear bold colors and dramatic shading.

Clear frames come in tinted versions, too—does anyone remember the “millennial pink” hair color craze? The clear dusty rose-gold shade looks great on eyewear, and can be flattering on a number of different skin tones. The soft, ultra-feminine shade can go romantic with equally soft shapes, or you can make a fun contrast with thick frames in boxy masculine shapes.

Tortoiseshell is still in, but it’s not limited to the brown and yellow of yesteryear. 2020 features bold black, blue and brown combinations, brown and purple and even pastel tortoiseshell—nothing about these colors says “wallflower librarian.” Or, you could go for the “leopard print” version that bears a resemblance to the big cats.

Finally, dramatic red frames and slender gold wire frames continue to be popular choices, the latter being especially popular with men.

2020 shape and style trends

This year, the word is “geometric.” Square frames are popular—the bigger the better—especially when paired with ultra-thick frames in funky colors and patterns.

Cat eye remains a popular choice, too, but this year’s top frames come with thicker frames and softened corners. Instead of 1950s retro, the frames are edging toward 1960s mod and slightly bubble-like shapes.

Finally, plastic aviator frames are making their eyeglass debut. This is a fun and sporty look for men (especially in bold colors like red or royal blue) that can flatter a number of different face shapes. It’s a great way to update your look, and take the universally-flattering aviator shades from sunglasses to everyday frames.

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