How We’re Staying Busy During the Pandemic—and Why You Should Be Excited to Return!

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Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses around the world are shut down in order to prevent the spread of the virus—and Art & Eyes is no exception. As much as we hate to close the store to protect our customers, we do it because we don’t want you to get sick. Not to worry, however—our glasses store in New Orleans, LA is hard at work during the temporary closure, and we have plenty of exciting things in store for when we reopen.

Our customers have been asking why they can’t pop in to try on frames during the closure, or why they can’t order our unique frames online—so we want to explain why it’s so important to us to protect your health and your style.

Why we can’t offer frame try-on during the pandemic

Besides washing our hands frequently, what’s the top advice you’ve heard during the pandemic? That’s right—don’t touch your face. Consider this: if you come in carrying the virus (some folks are asymptomatic) and try on 50 to 150 pairs of glasses, the virus can sit on those glasses just because you coughed or sneezed once and didn’t wash your hands right away. That alone is a big mess—and that’s not even considering measuring your face for the frames, which requires us to be very close to your face, too.

Lenses are also an issue. For many of us—the staff at Art & Eyes included—the pandemic is taking a toll on our eyes. If you’re also suffering from increased eye strain and stress, you may need to visit your optometrist before you invest in a new pair of frames. On the other hand, your eyes may rebound once the difficulties start to pass. We strongly advise that you wait until we can all see the light at the end of the tunnel before you get a new prescription and a new set of frames.

Why you can’t buy our frames online

That brings us to another sticking point—you can’t buy our frames online because we strongly believe in the value of trying frames on in person. Not only is your face vulnerable to virus transmission, but it’s unique. Unless you’re an identical twin, you’re the only person in the world with your face, and you have to see and feel glasses before you can make a final decision. Do they pinch your temples? Do your cheeks smudge the lenses? These are things you can’t find out unless you try them on in person.

Plan your visit to the top glasses store in New Orleans, LA

When the pandemic is over, we hope you’ll make plans to visit Art & Eyes for unique eyewear and accessories. We stock over 1,600 frames from all over the world, including pieces by established and up-and-coming designers. Why wear the same eyeglasses as everyone else? Make a statement by choosing totally unique, totally trendy frames that stand out. We’ll help you find just the right pair.

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