Things to Consider When Picking Unique Eyewear in NOLA

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A far cry from the day where glasses meant “geek,” fashion eyewear is exploding in popularity—even if you don’t wear prescription lenses. Today, glasses are as much a fashion statement as your clothing, shoes and jewelry. There are hundreds of different styles, colors and shapes available to make your look stand out.

If you’re new to fashion eyewear, stop by Art & Eyes for unique eyewear ideas in New Orleans, LA. We provide top-quality products that make you look, feel and see great, paired with our complimentary consultations to help you find the right pair. Before you start trying on eyewear, here are some factors to consider.

Your lifestyle

First, think about your lifestyle. What duties does your job entail? Those who work in physical labor might need OSHA-compliant glasses, while desk jobs and retail allow for more flexibility with your frames. Are you a weekend warrior or someone who loves to play sports? You’ll need frames that are heavier-duty and won’t break if they fly off during a softball game or a hike.

You should also consider what kind of lenses you’ll be getting—single-focus, bifocal or trifocal lenses might impact the size and shape that will work for you.

Finally, make sure your glasses fit your work culture, too—traditional professions and workplaces may require classic or more conservative frames, while working in the arts and entertainment often lends itself to a more relaxed attitude.

Your face shape

When it comes to how the glasses look on your face, keep in mind that your face shape will work better with some styles and shapes than others:

  • Oval: Oval-shaped faces have the most options, but avoid round frames and oversized glasses, which can shorten your face.
  • Round: If your face is round, avoid round glasses—but frames that have heavy brows will help draw the eye up and enhance your features.
  • Heart: Heart-shaped faces look great in just about any type of frame, although frames with a heavy brow will overexaggerate your face shape and throw the proportions off.
  • Square: Square faces should avoid square and rectangular frames, but rounded or cat-eye glasses will soften the lines of your face.

Your personality

Once you’ve identified any lifestyle and face shape considerations, the only thing left is to find a pair that suits your personality—which is, in our opinion, the best part of all. There are countless colors, materials and styles available at Art & Eyes. Whether you want traditional wire frames or a pair of glittery plastic glasses, the possibilities are endless.

Unique eyewear ideas in New Orleans, LA

Art & Eyes is New Orleans’ premier eyewear provider. We offer hundreds of unique pairs at every price point, including one-of-a-kind pairs by up-and-coming designers. Why settle for standard, boring glasses when you could wear a piece of art? You’ll also love our accessories and fashion—our store is your one-stop shop to find pieces that stand out. Call us today to learn more and purchase gift certificates.

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