Vintage vs. Modern Glasses: Reasons to Consider Going Retro

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Finding the perfect pair of eyeglasses can be a long search, especially if you’re looking for something that reflects your personality and style. When you want a pair of unique glasses, you often have to do a little more digging than what’s available at the optometrist’s office. For many, modern frames will do the trick, but if you really want to stand out, consider checking out some vintage glasses.

Vintage eyewear in New Orleans, LA is one way to bring styles from the past back to life. If you’ve been hanging on to your great-grandma’s glasses from the 1920s, why not put them to good use? Adding clear glass or prescription frames to a pair of older glasses isn’t much more complicated than getting a brand-new pair, and you’re practically guaranteed to have a completely unique look.

Here’s why the team at Art & Eyes loves retro eyewear:

  • Vintage is back in style: What’s old is new again, including eyewear. Over a decade ago, Mad Men inspired a surge of 1960s-revival fashion that’s still going strong, but you can find retro glasses from a number of decades. Whether you dress like you stepped out of a World War II fashion catalog or you just want a retro accent, vintage frames can pull your style together.
  • Retro eyewear is often high quality: Retro frames that have survived the test of time are well-made and sturdy. When you snag a pair of plastic (or Bakelite) vintage glasses, pay attention to make sure they haven’t been rendered brittle over time. If they still seem sturdy, you should be good to go—just ask an eyewear expert to give them a once-over to spot any potential issues.
  • Less expensive than new: Many people love vintage eyewear because it’s usually less expensive than brand-new frames—plus, you get that unique look. Garage sales, antique stores and even thrifting can turn up some fabulous pieces at bargain prices.

Tips for buying retro eyewear

Because of their rarity, some people turn to online shops to find retro glasses. If you can’t try the glasses on in person, you need to know your width, bridge size and arm length so that you can be assured of the proper fit. Measure a pair of your existing glasses to find your size.

Do you have a specific style or decade in mind? It’s useful to do some research into the vintage eyeglass styles at the time, so you know their names and can search for or ask sellers what you want.

Vintage eyewear in New Orleans, LA

Looking for the perfect vintage eyewear in New Orleans, LA? Art & Eyes specializes in unique frames so that you’re not just fixing your vision—you’re investing in wearable art. We offer a range of styles and price points so you can get the look you want at any budget. Call or stop by our shop today to find out more about our selection, and to get advice on purchasing and wearing vintage frames.

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