Use These Tips to Help Select the Best Sunglasses

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It’s impossible to put a dollar value on a truly great pair of sunglasses. When you find frames that accentuate your personal style and still tick all the boxes that make them fully functional sun blockers, it’s a thing of beauty. Before you start your search for the best sunglasses store in New Orleans, LA, however, consider these simple tips to help you find the perfect frames for you.

100 percent UV protection or bust

There’s a lot that goes into choosing the right pair of sunglasses beyond their ability to dim the harsh light from the sun. That said, your sunglasses’ ability to protect your eyes is still the most critical thing to look for. Fortunately, that’s easy enough to solve. Just look for a sticker or tag that states the frames block 100 percent of UV rays that assault your eyes.

You’ll find that the best sunglasses store in New Orleans, LA will still offer a vast assortment of stylish sunglasses once you’ve eliminated those pairs that don’t provide 100 percent UV protection.

“Polarized” isn’t the same as UV protection

Some sunglasses will claim that they’re polarized. While polarized glasses can be convenient, they aren’t the same thing as offering UV protection. The term “polarized” refers to cutting glare from reflective surfaces. While not necessary, polarized lenses can make activities like driving a little bit safer.

Go big or go home

Not only are big, groovy sunglasses frames a timeless fashion choice, they also protect your face more effectively than smaller frames.

Darker isn’t better

When it comes to the shade of your sunglass lenses, darker doesn’t necessarily mean better UV protection. The only way to be sure is to trust in the 100 percent sticker you’ll find on the lens. That said, if you prefer dark lenses, it’s a matter of personal preference, and you should go for it.

Consider your purpose

Before you spend money on sunglasses, consider how you’ll use them. For example, sometimes athletes prefer sunglasses of a different shade like green or gray to serve specific functions like increasing contrast.

Transition into the future

If you wear prescription eyeglasses, give some thought to transition lenses. These innovative lenses go from regular glasses to prescription sunglasses as soon as the sun touches them. You’ll never know how convenient it is to have only one pair of eyeglasses until you don’t have to fumble between multiple pairs every time you head outdoors.

Sunglasses for all tastes and budgets

At Art & Eyes, we take immense pride in serving as the best sunglasses store in New Orleans, LA, bar none, because we understand that eyeglasses and sunglasses are about more than just correcting your vision or protecting your eyes from the sun. Once those basics are covered, there is so much room to play—that’s where Art & Eyes comes in.

If you love eccentric designs and bold craftsmanship, then Art & Eyes has something to suit you. Our hand-curated collection comes from renowned designers around the world. We regularly sub out our inventory, which means you’ve always got something new to peruse when you stop by.

It’s time to find the glasses and sunglasses you’ve always wanted. Visit Art & Eyes today!

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