Top Glasses Trends of 2019

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While eyeglasses were once considered mandatory gear for nerds, squares or the generally uncool, those days have long since passed. Now, the right pair of glasses can elevate your look while making a bold statement. As many customers shop for fashionable prescription glasses in New Orleans, LA, they want to know what pair of specs will look cutting edge instead of dated or out of style. Here’s a closer look at the top eyeglass trends for this year.

Wireframe glasses

This year has seen the return of wireframe eyeglasses. Eyewear like this was long out of fashion, as many opted for thick plastic frames instead. Lighter weight and incredibly chic, wireframes are some of the most popular styles we see people asking about when they need new glasses. Available in a variety of shapes and colors, wireframes are fashionable prescription glasses in New Orleans, LA that work well for everyone.

Round frames

Oversized round frames are all the rage in 2019. First becoming trendy in hipster and geek communities, everyone is lining up to buy their new round eyeglasses. Round glasses look especially great on square faces, but if you are loving this trend, embrace the shape and enjoy the way people notice you in your new specs.

Clear plastic frames

For over a decade, everyone wanted thick, dark-colored plastic frames. Eyeglasses like that had such a distinct and sometimes harsh look to them, and finally became passé after everyone bought pairs. To shake off the cobwebs of plastic frames, eyeglasses designers started using clear or lightly colored translucent plastic. The change makes all the difference while allowing people who prefer plastic frames to look high fashion.

Double bridge eyeglasses

Normally, the double bridge frame was seen on aviators exclusively, but that is no longer the case. This look, available in both plastic and metal frames, has become very trendy over the last year. You see a lot of the double bridge eyeglasses with round frames, but this flourish looks amazing on any frame shape. If you are looking for an edgy or cool accessory, definitely consider your double bridge eyeglass options.

Cat eye frames

Too often, the cat eye shape is considered outdated. This can be the case if you buy cat eye glasses that look like something your grandmother wore in a portrait from the 1950s. To avoid looking dowdy or like a flashback to a bygone era, opt for cat eye frames in metal or clear plastic. The classic shape with a stylish material makes the most sophisticated combination.

There are so many trends to keep up with, and you don’t want to buy glasses that look great now but go out of style in a few months. Not to worry! Now that you are ready to buy new glasses, come to Art & Eyes, a premier purveyor of fashionable prescription eyeglasses in New Orleans, LA. Our staff can help you select the finest frames for your face so you can both see clearly and look amazing. Give us a call today with any questions, or visit us any day of the week during business hours.

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