Protect Your Eyes with New Prescription Sunglasses

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Art & Eyes offers frames and lenses for the discerning customer who seeks the most unique art to wear. Our collection of frames not only works well with typical eyeglass lenses, but also with prescription sunglasses. Besides adding more fashion accessories to your collection, new prescription sunglasses also help you protect your eyes. Here are five benefits of prescription sunglasses in New Orleans, LA:

  • Easier for driving: Before prescription sunglasses, your options were to drive blind or wear your regular glasses and suffer the sun’s glare. When you upgrade to prescription sunglasses, this is no longer the case. You can see the street signs and never miss a turn while also enjoying protection from the sun. Sure, you could use clip-ons or the new magnetic sunglass attachments, but those never fit quite right and are often difficult to manage. Choose prescription sunglasses and you enjoy the best of all worlds.
  • Extended style choices: You have more options with prescription sunglasses. Rather than be limited to a few drugstore styles, you can enjoy dozens of styles and basically design custom sunglasses. If you go to a boutique shop like Art & Eyes, there are even more options, and they are the most unique. People who have that distinct sense of style often prefer our frames and lenses when it is time for prescription sunglasses.
  • Great for reading: If you enjoy a great book while sitting in the sun, you often face the same issue as with driving—you can either take the glare of the sun or squint at words on your page. With prescription sunglasses, that poolside reading session becomes much easier. You can enjoy your book and the sun at the same time, while your eyes remain protected.
  • Better enjoyment of outdoor activities: If you spend much of your time outdoors, prescription sunglasses can be a godsend. You do not have to risk losing glasses by constantly switching out sunglasses and your regular glasses. Just keep your prescription sunglasses on as you enjoy the great outdoors. Also, some styles are designed specifically for an active lifestyle so you can wear them through all your activities, whether they include water skiing, playing on jet skis or riding horses.
  • Still works with progressives: Those who wear progressive lenses or bifocals have a hard time adjusting to distances. This can be exacerbated if you are wearing regular sunglasses to a sporting event or other activity that involves looking down at a program and then looking up at the action. With new modern lens materials, even your bifocal or progressive lens prescription can be adapted into prescription sunglasses. This gives you many more options, whether it’s enjoying outdoor events or simply reading during a picnic.

Consider purchasing several pairs of prescription sunglasses. You can keep a pair in your car at all times and know you are covered. Another pair can stay at home for while you are reading on your porch. Once you own one pair, you will wonder how you ever managed without them!

Now that you have learned the benefit of prescription sunglasses in New Orleans, LA, visit Art & Eyes to design a pair. Our lens options offer protection with style. Visit us today to learn more.

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