Pro Tips: How to Choose the Perfect Frames to Match Your Face and Personality

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Anyone who spends their days sporting a pair of eyeglasses understands the importance of choosing the right frames. No matter what business you’re in, your glasses make a statement about your personality. In a city as fashion-forward as the Big Easy, choosing new frames can be especially challenging.

Before you rush out to the nearest franchise to buy one of their generic top-10s, however, read on to find out how to find the best eyewear in New Orleans, LA.

You are unique

A lot of guides will proclaim the virtue of finding out your face shape, but that’s simply not important. The odds are good, in fact, that your face won’t conform to some idealized depiction of face shape.

Don’t discount comfort

If you’re someone who spends all day, every day rocking your eyeglasses, then they should be comfortable. Don’t let someone convince you that your glasses should sit awkwardly on your face or cause any kind of pain. Uncomfortable eyeglasses aren’t for you, no matter how fetching their style might be.

Compare contrasts

To some extent, the shape of your face will play into your selection, but it’s not as simple as just choosing from a generic scale. It’s more fluid than that. For example, if you have sharp features, you might find the right balance with a pair of frames that feature soft curves. Rounded features, meanwhile, may benefit from a pair of angular eyeglasses.

Another thing to consider is the slope of your face. Is your face top-heavy? Then you should start with bottom-heavy frames to offset your features. Bottom-heavy face? Start with a selection of frames with top-heavy features.

Think about your style

It’s okay to break the rules from time to time in pursuit of the best eyewear in New Orleans, LA. Just because you have a bottom-heavy face doesn’t mean you can’t sport a pair of aviators, for example. It’s all about your personal taste.

Don’t settle for mediocrity

There are plenty of tips and tricks you could use to find the best eyewear in New Orleans, LA, but when it comes down to it, there’s no substitute for getting out there and trying on a bunch of different frames. For the area’s most unique selection of frames, there’s no better place to look than Art & Eyes, a funky boutique that treats your frames (and your eyes) like the works of art they are.

We’re an independent, locally-owned business infused with the style and soul of New Orleans. None of our frames are repeated, which means every selection on our floor is one of a kind, curated by professionals searching for high quality and innovative design.

We’re also happy to work with four different lens manufacturers to ensure that our clients get the perfect prescription for them. We have a price range for buyers on every budget, plus an eclectic assortment of handmade accessories and apparel sure to appeal to those with advanced tastes. Give us a call or stop by today. We can’t wait to see you!

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