What Is a Trunk Show?

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Trunk shows are the best way to get a chance to meet up-and-coming clothing and accessory designers, see their styles and get a unique haute couture look. Typically, designers will partner with shops and boutiques to bring a limited supply of inventory. Clothing trunk shows usually offer sample sizes and allow you to order from the line, then ship later. Accessory trunk shows are more likely to have inventory that you can purchase the same day, such as the best eyewear in New Orleans, LA.

This can vary by store and designer, so come prepared to shop and potentially wait for your new fashion. (We know it’s hard!)

Why trunk shows are great for designers

Designers—especially hot, up-and-coming designers looking to establish their brand—can use trunk shows to meet new clientele and develop personal relationships with stores and their customers. You’ll get to meet the people who love and will wear your designs. That personal connection keeps clients coming back for more, and your relationship with the store can lead to them carrying your line. When you promote and stock your trunk show well, you can create promotional buzz and even test drive new lines or designs to see how the public responds to them.

Why trunk shows are great for shoppers

The fashion-conscious shoppers at Art & Eyes know the value of finding unique accessories. Trunk shows attract customers who know the value of independent design and unusual styles—many customers are especially excited to support small or local designers. They also jump at the chance to inspect and purchase limited-edition styles. Although it’s never fun to have to wait for your items to ship, you’ll be happy knowing that you’re sporting the latest styles, designed and created just for clients like you. (It also significantly lessens the chance of couture copycats. If they miss the show, they can’t ape your look!)

Stop by Art & Eyes for the Jacques Marie Mage Trunk Show, October 4-5

Now that you know why fashionistas love trunk shows, stop by our next one! Jacques Marie Mage is the “It Boy” of Hollywood and Paris eyewear. From retro to radical chic, these stunning frames are all numbered, limited edition and some of the best fashion coming out of Japan. You’re sure to find a pair as unique as you are. Visit us October 4 and 5 to find out why Jacque Marie Mage’s clients are some of the most dedicated in the world.

The best eyewear in New Orleans, LA

To purchase the best eyewear in New Orleans, LA, make Art & Eyes your go-to supplier. We’re an independent, locally-owned shop that curates a variety of eyewear styles. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or Avant Garde, we’ll help you select the right frames for your unique face. Our goal is to make sure you never walk down the street and see someone stealing your style! Stop by or contact us today to find out more about our eyewear and upcoming trunk shows.

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