Six Reasons to Attend Our Plein Les Mirettes Trunk Show

October 24, 2019 Published by Leave your thoughts

Art & Eyes is well known for its trending eyewear in New Orleans, LA, and the Plein Les Mirettes trunk show is an excellent opportunity to find a new fashion statement that sets you apart from others and accentuates your features. If you believe the trunk show is an event to overlook this year, here are six reasons to reconsider:

  • Find a unique look: The trunk show features French eyewear that you will never find anywhere else. Pieces are made in Normandy and ideal for someone who seeks new elements of French fashion to add to their look. With Plein Les Mirettes, you will enjoy new fashionable colors and shapes that are not duplicated with any other brand.
  • Focused selection: You will not be distracted by other brands that do not carry the same features. This is your chance to experience the distinguishing attributes of Plein Les Mirettes and likely discover a new style that you never considered before. Trunk shows are known for featuring designers and giving brands a chance to truly shine.
  • New releases: Trunk shows often feature new designs that have not yet been released to the general market. You enjoy the first selection and can find something that is truly different. If you are in the market for new eyewear and have yet to find your ideal style, the trunk show is a great opportunity to see what else is available and get your hands on it before anyone else has the chance.
  • Meet the designer: For the most discerning consumer, trunk shows often include opportunities to meet designers. You can learn about their inspirations and even get their input on what style best matches your sense of presentation. Many designers love this opportunity to interact with consumers and see how their designs play out. Depending on feedback, they may expand or discontinue new designs, or even create new ones.
  • Discounts: Trunk shows are not technically sales, meaning discounts are not an automatic guarantee. However, as they are often a chance to showcase works and give consumers a first chance at new designs and ideas, potential purchase discounts are a big part of the incentive. If you find something you really like, it does not hurt to request a discount, especially if you are buying multiple items. However, that is always up to the discretion of the designer or their representative.
  • New ideas: Even if you do not buy anything, you will come out of the trunk show with a better sense of new styles. This is especially rewarding if you need new ideas for your eyewear or your current frames and lenses no longer do your style justice. Many people attend just to browse and visit, and that often works just as well as buying. Consider this a chance to be educated on a new designer and updated styles.

If you seek trending eyewear in New Orleans, LA and other fashion accessories, Art & Eyes will not disappoint. Visit today or attend the Plein Les Mirettes trunk show on Friday, November 1, and Saturday, November 2.

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