Why You Should Invest in Non-Prescription Eyewear in New Orleans, LA

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Even if you have perfect vision, you still might be interested in adding eyeglasses to your overall look. Whether you consider them geek chic or simply stunning, eyewear is not only fun but also functional. People shopping for unique non-prescription eyewear in New Orleans, LA find that these fabulous accessories really make quite the fashionable splash while also being quite useful.

Protect your peepers

The world is a dangerous place, especially for something as sensitive as your eyes. For instance, the sun emits harmful UV rays that don’t just burn your skin, but your eyes as well. Prolonged and unprotected exposure to the sun can cause your eyes to suffer from conditions such as cataracts, macular degeneration, pinguecula, pterygia and photokeratitis. A pair of glasses helps combat the negative effects of the sun.

UVA and UVB protection are standard on most non-prescription glasses, helping you to see clearly on the sunniest of days. This anti-reflective treatment on the backsides of your lenses is particularly beneficial to those who are light sensitive or people who spend a significant portion of their day outside.  Polarized sunglasses also help with the glare from horizontal surfaces like roads or bodies of water. A high-quality pair of non-prescription sunglasses make a significant difference in how you see outdoors and your overall optical wellness.

There are also the hazards of blue light. Many of us spend all day staring at a computer monitor, tablet or smartphone. These devices, along with TVs and the sun, emit blue light that strains our eyes. Looking at a screen all day literally exhausts your eyes. Many people unknowingly experience headaches due to eye strain from working with screens day in and day out. However, you can easily address this issue when you buy a pair of non-prescription eyewear that has blue light reductive lenses.

Many people interested in non-prescription glasses worry they may damage their eyes. This could not be further from the truth, especially when you invest in high-quality glasses customized for you. In fact, eyeglasses go a long way to keep your eyes safe while also adding a new dimension to your style.

Make a statement

Besides the fact that non-prescription eyewear in New Orleans, LA provides important features that protect your eyes, eyeglasses can really add a fun, fashionable element to any outfit. Casual or formal, female or male, conservative or non-traditional, there’s a perfect pair of eyeglasses just for you.

You have so many options to choose from when it comes to eyewear: all the various shapes, colors, materials and lenses. Metal, plastic and even wood eyeglasses are available in dozens of hues and styles.

There’s only one store you need to visit if you want a pair of non-prescription eyewear in New Orleans, LA: Art & Eyes. We’re a premier retailer of unique and beautiful indie eyeglasses. Our wide selection of stylish frames can be customized to perfectly meet your needs so every pair is created just for you. Make a statement by visiting us for a pair of non-prescription glasses!

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