The Ultimate Guide to Picking Out Custom Glasses

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When customers learn that custom glasses are an option, they are first happy, and then often overwhelmed. There are so many options for lenses, frames and embellishments that it is difficult to know where to start. If you believe custom glasses in New Orleans, LA are right for you, here is the ultimate guide to making the best choice:

  • Consider face shape: Your face shape determines the most flattering frame size. Round faces do best with bold, squared-off styles like cat eye, wingtip and rectangular. Square faces work well with curved styles, including round aviator frames. Triangle faces with narrow foreheads and wider jaws also work well with cat eye and aviator frames, while softer, heart-shaped faces work excellent with a D-shape retro wingtip frame. Try on all types of frames, but focus on what best matches your face shape. Starting here usually narrows down an often-overwhelming supply of options so it is easier to identify your top three picks.
  • Do not be afraid of color: Many people gravitate to neutral frames in black, brown or tortoiseshell, especially if they are professionals or want glasses to match outfits or hair color better, but it is okay to have a little fun. Consider matching frames to your eye color if you want something different but not too obviously flashy. If you feel like a more festive look, choose a color that contrasts with your eyes. For example, orange frames make blue eyes really pop, and almost any color works well with brown or amber eyes. Those with green eyes love the effect of wearing gold or purple frames.
  • Experiment with frame thickness: How do you feel about your glasses? Do you want to make a statement or leave them barely noticeable? The answer to this question determines the thickness of your ideal frames. Thick frames are bold and will make a statement. If you have strong facial features, thicker frames will draw attention away from them. Those who prefer that people notice their face, not their glasses, are better off choosing thin frames.
  • Go for the best fit: The fit of your frames depends on width. This is not about fashion as much as it is about your lenses aligning correctly and your frames staying on your face. There should be a small gap between the arm of your glasses and your temple. If you smile, your glasses should not be jostled by your cheeks. These small fit considerations make buying frames online risky—it is often a good idea to visit a local shop and find your best frames there, so if the fit is not right, you can easily move onto the second or third choices.

Just because you need glasses does not mean you need to give up fashion or your unique sense of style. Art & Eyes offers a variety of options for creating custom glasses in New Orleans, LA. Visit today to experience our unique selection of frames and lenses for a truly customized approach to eyewear.

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