Six Signs You Need New Eyewear in New Orleans, LA

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Your vision changes over time, and that may have made your current eyewear obsolete. Art & Eyes offers stylish frames when it is time to upgrade your glasses, but many people put it off due to concerns about cost or whether their insurance benefit is activated. Our affordable options make it possible to replace eyewear in New Orleans, LA at any time, so please see us if you suffer any of the following symptoms:

  • Frequent squinting: This is a common sign that you need glasses or your present ones are no longer doing their job. Squinting reduces extra light in the eye in order to reduce the size of a blurred image. This can help you compensate for poor vision. However, if you are squinting in your current glasses, you are not just compensating for your eyesight, but also the fact that your glasses no longer work. Rather than rely on this temporary fix, look into new glasses.
  • Eye strain: Other causes of eye strain or fatigue may include allergies, cold, flu or insomnia. However, if you are currently healthy, sleeping soundly and pollen is not bothering you, it is not normal to have eye pain or strain while performing basic activities like watching TV or reading books. First, check to make sure you have not caught an eye infection, and once it is confirmed that is not the case, look into getting new glasses.
  • Headaches: Frequent headaches result from eye strain. Those suffering astigmatism or farsightedness are most likely to face headaches if their glasses or contact prescription are no longer sufficient. If you find a day at your office computer has you constantly reaching for ibuprofen, give your kidneys a break and look into replacing your glasses.
  • Light halos: When your eyes cannot focus correctly, they will distort light. The result is seeing halos around light bulbs, headlights and any other type of artificial light source. Many times, this is easily fixed with new glasses. However, light halos are also the first sign of cataracts. This makes an eye exam crucial beyond just checking your prescription.
  • Difficulty focusing: If you are sitting too close to the TV or reading menus or books at arm’s length, it is likely time to examine whether you need new glasses, perhaps even progressive lenses. Sometimes, magnifying reading glasses help, but it is also common for vision to change once your reach your forties. Even if one approach has worked for a long time, you may need a complete eyewear upgrade as you approach middle age.
  • Skipping lines: Skipping lines as you read or examine spreadsheets is frequently a sign of vision problems. This often has to do with eye alignment, which can be corrected with glasses. But if you were able to follow lines before and that has become difficult, it is time for an eye exam.

If you need new glasses, you do not have to settle for average or boring. Art & Eyes offers a wide assortment of vintage, modern and unique eyewear in New Orleans, LA. Visit us today to find your new look and see the world a bit clearer.

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