Cleaning Tips and How to Properly Care for Your Glasses

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Anyone with spectacles knows that there are few things more frustrating than foggy or dirty glasses. Unfortunately, it’s far too easy for smudges, streaks and haze to form over even the most well-cared-for eyewear.

Unfortunately, many companies sell eyewear cleaning products that actually cause damage to glasses, and that strip away the protective coatings that cover most lenses. It’s important to always avoid cleaning your glasses with any oil- or alcohol-based cleaning products—these will actually make your glasses dirtier more quickly.

If you’ve stripped the protective coating off your lenses, or if your lenses are scratched and hazy, you should try to find a store specializing in replacement lenses for glasses in New Orleans, LA.

If you’re wondering how you can best care for your glasses and keep your vision crisp and clear, try following these simple cleaning tips:

  • Clean your hands: It’s impossible to get your glasses clean if your hands are covered in debris or skin oils. Before you take your glasses off for cleaning, thoroughly wash your hands with hot water and soap. This will remove some of the skin oils that most commonly cause smudging.
  • Rinse the lenses: Next, rinse the lenses in lukewarm water. Be careful not to use water that’s too hot. If the water is too hot, it will strip the lenses’ protective coating. Rinse the lenses, the nose pads and the frames. This will help you remove all oil and debris from the glasses.
  • Apply gentle soap: Apply a small dab of gentle dish soap without lotion to each of the frames. Check the ingredients of your soap to make sure that it doesn’t include anything like alcohol or essential oils, which could strip away the protective coating from your lenses.
  • Gently rub the frames: Gently rub the frames, lenses and nose pad with a lint-free cotton cloth while running the frames under water to rinse off the dish soap. Avoid using too much pressure while cleaning the frames, as this could cause them to warp.
  • Dry the lenses: Gently shake the glasses to remove excess water, then dry the frames with a clean microfiber cloth. This will help you remove excess water while polishing the glasses clean.

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