What Sunglasses in New Orleans, LA Are Trending for Spring 2019?

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Are you looking to stay on trend this season? What sunglasses in New Orleans, LA will provide the best look and feel to keep you stylish in 2019?

For the latest trends, check out the following sunglasses. Sporting these shades will protect your eyes and keep you on the cutting-edge of fashion.

Put Your Shields Up

This trend offers ultimate sun protection since they cover a lot of the face. Made of one large piece of material, shield sunglasses cover the bridge of the nose and completely cover the eyes.

Sporty versions of shield sunglasses are popular among snowboarders, surfers and others who simply want to look and feel athletic. These offer an aerodynamic shape and colorful mirrored lenses.

Oversized shield sunglasses in New Orleans, LA are also on trend this season. Many designers are offering slight variations on shield sunglasses to provide an array of unique options for this spring.

Bling On

This season’s sunglasses are far from plain Jane. The more bling, the better. Jewel embellishments are common. Look for frames that are bright with gold and pearl designs. Here’s your chance to add a little extra sparkle to your sunny days.

Choose a Pattern

Patterns aren’t just for fabrics anymore! Look for these prints on sunglasses in New Orleans, LA. Scribble patterns, polka dots and other fun designs that are showing up in fashion this spring have made their way to trendy sunglasses. From black and white to an array of colors, these patterns are making waves in fashion circles this year.

Frame it in Red

Red frames are a major player in the spring 2019 fashion trends for sunglasses. Bright frames contrasted against soft-shade lenses offer an attractive look. These colorful plastic frames are sure to attract attention and put you on the trendy list this season.

Try a Triangle

Bringing a futuristic look to sunglasses this season are triangle lenses. These offer a sleek and sophisticated look. Some offer rounded tops, for a sad-eyed effect, while others are upturned, to deliver a futuristic effect.

Go Tiny

On the opposite end of the spectrum from shield sunglasses are a tiny trend. These are designed to accessorize, rather than protect the eyes. Bug eyes, diamond shapes, and a variety of other forms are on-trend for these mini-shade designs.

Wing It

Designers are paying tribute to butterflies this season with butterfly sunglasses. These are often futuristic in design, and many feature embellishments to complete the look.

Stay on Trend

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